Noida women workers abused, underpaid

Noida, September 21: Women labourers in the majority of garment production units of Noida, including some units of Noida Export Processing Zone (NEPZ), are being subjected to abusive language and gestures, beside deplorable working conditions.

According to Raksha Shukla, secretary of the Noida wing of All India Women’s Conference, in one case a woman who was not feeling well was not permitted to leave or take rest even after repeated requests and was made to work till she died on the spot.

In another case, a woman had two miscarriages due to continuous strain through hard work given to her against the doctor’s advice. Even the wages paid to those who stitch garments are much lower than the standard wages of unskilled labourers.

In one instance, a woman lost her sanity because of harassment by the management. Several others have developed tuberculosis. If any of them try to lodge a complaint, they are ridiculed and ill-treated. Women labourers complained that they were being denied even basics like visits to the toilet. After years of service, they are often dismissed without prior notice, manhandled and thrown out of the factory. Pressures tactics or force are used to make them sign on blank papers.

These facts came out when many affected women labourers met AIWC member Usha Thakur. The organisation has requested District Magistrate Deepak Kumar to inquire and do justice to the affected women.

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Referred by:Benjamin P Kaila
Published on: sep 22, 2001
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