Oppression of Dalits will prevail if caste system exists: Minister

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Higher Education Minister G Parameshwar today said that oppression of Dalits and the Backward Classes will continue till the caste system is uprooted from Indian society.

Speaking at a function organised to inaugurate the "T Venkatappa Memorial Hall" here, the minister said though much is being talked about removal of caste system in the country, it did not work in practical terms.

"The caste system is so deep-rooted in the country that now, there is a feeling that caste system will continue forever in this country. It is time for all of us to study the preachings of Basavanna, Buddha and the ideals of Dr Ambedkar to understand humanity," he said.

He called for unification of the Backward Classes and Dalits to fight for their rights in society. He pointed out that though there are several leaders in these communities, they did not work as a cohesive force to eradicate caste system from the country.

Sri Veerabhadra Channamalla Mahaswami of Nidumamidi Math, who inaugurated the "T Venkatappa Memorial Hall", which is built at a cost of Rs 70 lakh, called on the people to boycott religious institutions and temples, which propagated untouchability.

He expressed unhappiness over the prevalence of caste-based discrimination in society. Minister of State for Agricultural Marketing R B Timmapur was present on the occasion.

The "T Venkatappa Memorial Hall" is constructed by Panchajanya Vidyapeetha Welfare Trust on 4th main, II Phase, Rajajinagar, Bangalore. Madhiga community: Former Minister D Manjunath, here today urged the Madhiga community to register their caste (Madhiga) at the time of the Census. Speaking at the convention of the Karnataka Madhiga Reservation Struggle Samithi, he felt that to get reservation based on the population of the community the registration of the caste's name during census was essential. Mr H Anjaneyya, General Secretary of the the Samithi said that "though the Madhiga community is the biggest among the SCs, it has been deprived politically and economically". And only "reservation based on population is the sole panacea for this," he added.

"This fight of the Madhigas is not targeted against any community or caste," he noted. He said that, "before the census begins, the youth of the community would conduct a survey." In this regard, he urged all the politicians and government officials to take part in this endeavour.

Former minister K B Shanappa noted that, "for the first time there is no single cabinet minister from the Madhiga community. The Chief Minister should be urged to fill this," he added. Samithi President G Ramakrishna was also present at the occasion.

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Published on: January 31, 2001
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