Paderu ITDA jobs only for adivasis

Visakhapatnam, May 17: The Dandakaranya Employees’ Organisation has demanded that jobs at all levels in government departments within the purview of the Paderu Integrated Tribal Development Agency be filled only with adivasis.

This would be in keeping with the rights guaranteed to the adivasis under the 5th Schedule of the Constitution, it pointed out.

The Dandakaranya Employees’ Union has said that the tribal lands needed to be protected from encroachment by town dwellers, businessmen and industrialists.

It said that even the government was also trying to usurp tribal lands in the name of development and construction of projects. In a memorandum submitted to the ITDA Project Officer, copies of which were released to the Press here on Thursday, the DEO wanted GO Ms NO 202 to be strictly implemented.

According to the GO, all those non-adivasis appointed after 1986 should be sent back to the plains and the vacancies filled by adivasis. The DEO sought appointment of the 12 adivasi senior school assistants as head masters.

The memorandum demanded that the teachers working in the GVVKs be taken into the ashram schools unconditionally and the services of daily wage labourers in the ITDA purview regularised.

Regarding the problems faced by the students, the DEO wanted the ideal student-teacher ratio to be strictly maintained.

It also called for the supply of text and note books by May-end. He also called for supply of quality uniforms and provision of basic amenities to the teachers in the ashram schools.

The DEO demanded that the ITDA take the responsibility of implementing the AP Scheduled Areas Land Transfer Regulation Act ( 1 of 70 Act) and acquire constructions done by the non-adivasis in violation of the 1 of 70 Act. It also sought scrapping of licences to liquor shops in the Agency mandals. He called for effective steps to curb production and sale of arrack in the adivasi villages.

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Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: May 21, 2001
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