Pappu Yadav arrested for threatening Dalit MLA

Soroor Ahmed in Patna

The independent MP from Purnea, Pappu Yadav, was arrested at his Patna residence on Wednesday night on the charge of threatening the Dalit RJD legislator, Bhupendra Rishidev.

Pappu Yadav initially refused to accompany the police on the plea that he was not well. However, he was taken to jail on Thursday morning and is likely to be produced before the court later in the day.

According to Rishidev's family members, the MP came to the former's official flat at about 9 pm and asked him to accompany him to a meeting of dissident MLAs. The MLA refused to join the rebel camp.

Pappu Yadav left, after warning Rishidev that he would return in an hour. The MLA then complained to the RJD chief Laloo Yadav about the incident. Later he reported the incident to police, which reached his residence at around 10 pm.

Sensing trouble, Pappu Yadav, however, did not turn up at the MLA's flat. Later, the police raided Pappu Yadav's house and arrested him.

Pappu Yadav, though an independent MP, has come out openly in favour of Ranjan Yadav, who is leading the charge against Chief Minister Rabri Devi.

Referred by:Mukundan C. Menon
Published on: March 30, 2001
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