'Periyar's ideals helped defeat of caste parties'

MAYILADUTHURAI: The leader of the Thamizhar Desiya Iyakkam P Nedumaran has attributed the defeat of the caste parties in the recent elections to the principle of Periyar, in which the people had unassailable belief.

Addressing the ethnic renaissance conference organised by the Thanthai Periyar Rationalists Centre on Sunday, Nedumaran said that the Congress party, which was in power in Karnataka and Kerala refused to release water to Tamil Nadu. If that was pointed out they were dubbed as forces of disintegration.

He said that Periyar fought for Tamilians to be given priority in Tamil Nadu by all political parties. But those who should follow his principles and tread his footsteps had jettisoned his policies and have given up the will to fight for their rights.

There were many who were trumpeting that Tamil Nadu stood third in industrial development but it was this State, which was being looted and exploited by the multinationals, he said.

Stating that the people of Tamil Nadu had put an effective full stop to caste parties, Nedumaran said the credit goes to the deeply-entrenched principles of Periyar, which continued to thrive even now.

He said that the caste parties came to the fore because the followers of Periyar stood divided. In order to end this situation moves were now afoot to unite all of them.

Rajendran, general secretary of Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam, Tamil Nadu Dravidar Kazhagam president Thangarasu and others spoke.

President of the Centre Raghupathi welcomed and secretary Periyasamy proposed a vote of thanks.

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Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: June 13, 2001
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