Phoolan murder: Police unwilling to buy Pankaj's claim

Onkar Singh in New Delhi

The Uttaranchal police is unwilling to believe the theory floated by Sher Singh Rana alias Pankaj that he killed Phoolan Devi to avenge the killing of 20 Thakurs by Phoolan's gang on February 14, 1981 in Behmai. Speaking to, Uttaranchal Director General of Police, A K Saran said, "Shersingh was probably not even ten years old when the incident took place. Moreover, he belongs to Saharanpur district, which is far away from Behmai. We suspect that he now wants to become a hero amongst the Thakur Community by claiming that he killed to avenge the killings of Phoolan Devi." Sher Singh Rana is a Thakur by caste and belongs to Roorkee and interestingly he had no relative who was killed in Behmai by Phoolan Devi. Saran also said that Uma Kashyap and Vijay Kashyap had introduced Sher Singh Rana to Phoolan Devi. "The lady Uma seems to have played a major role in introducing the killer to Phoolan Devi, " he added. Uma used to run a beauty parlour in Roorkee before she became the President of Roorkee Eklavya Sena. Eklavya Sena was an organisation for backward community floated by Phoolan Devi.

"Sher Singh and Ravinder another accused in Phoolan Devi's murder accompanied Uma to be introduced to Phoolan Devi," said Saran. "We have handed over the custody of Rana to the Delhi Police who would now be taking him to Delhi for interrogation and it would be only after a detailed interrogation the facts of the conspiracy would come out," Saran added. Interestingly, Ravinder is absconding and Delhi police had claimed earlier that there were three killers involved in Phoolan Devi's murder. Meanwhile, Uma and her husband Vijay Kashyap are being questioned by the Delhi police to find out their role, if any, in the murder of Phoolan Devi. Saran also stated that two brothers of Sher Singh namely Vijay Singh Rana and Vikram Singh Rana, who were running a liquor shop on Saharnpur-Roorkee border were also missing since July 25 and their shop was closed. "This strengthened our suspicion," he added.

The picture would become clear after Delhi police completes the questioning of Sher Singh at length. The police officers are also not willing to say what role Uma Kashyap and her husband Vijay played in the murder.

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Published on: July 27, 2001
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