Political pressure led to change in quota system, says minister

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Minister of State for Municipal Administration Mallikarjun Nagappa today admitted that due to political pressure changes in reservation for certain posts in the urban local bodies were effected even after the reservations were notified.

Speaking to reporters, who met him here at Vidhana Soudha, Mr Nagappa said the changes were made by the chief minister and termed such developments as ‘common’ in politics. However, he contended that the reservation norms has not been violated and each category has been given its due quota.

The minister, who disclosed the changes made in the reservations after much persuation by media persons, said “I was out of Bangalore and hence, I learnt about the changes over phone”. Later, he backtracked saying “I was consulted before the changes were made. And, henceforth there would not be any changes in the reservations”.

The changes in reservation effected on June 2 are as follows (the earlier reservation given in the bracket):

Six City Municipal Councils; President post- Hospet: General-woman (SC); Raichur: General woman (BCB woman); Ranebennur: SC (BCB-woman); Tumkur: BCB woman (General woman); Shimoga: BCA (BCB); Robertsonpet -Vice-President post: BCB (BCA).

Town Municipal Councils (President & Vice-President posts given in order): Basavakalyana: SC (BCB) & BCB woman (BCA); Bhatkal: General (SC) & General woman (General); Guledgudda: SC (General) & General (General woman); Indi: General woman (SC) & BCA (BCA-woman).

Kampli: BCA woman (General) & General (BCA-woman); Malavalli: BCB (General woman); Nanjangud: General (General woman) & BCA woman (BCA); Sindgi: General woman (BCA woman) & BCA (General).

Town Panchayats (Presidents & Vice-Presidents posts given in order): Bannur: General (General woman) & SC woman (BCA); Hungund: BCA woman (General) & General (SC woman); Tarikere: General woman (BC woman) & BCA (General).

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Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: June 6, 2001
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