"Pollution" of Ambedkar Statue by Sudarshan on Diksha Bhoomi?

As we were returning from the function to felicitate L.K.Madavi, on 8th April, at Nagpur for his "Patana", by the Dr. Ambedkar International Mission "Literary Award 2000", we saw in Variety square a small group of Ambedkarites standing and deliberating. We wondered what these dignitaries, who were present in "Patana" function, would be thinking about. A news item appeared in "Lokmat" of 10th April, and it became clear, what they were contemplating.

The news item mentioned, with coloured photograph of the incident, that about hundred members of "Samvidhan Samiksha Virodhi Kruti Samiti", led by its President Shri Haribhau Kedar, ex Vice Chancellor of Nagpur University, along with Yashwant Manohar, a "heavy-weight" in Dalit literary circle, went to Diksha Bhoomi, where Dr. Ambedkar performed the first conversion ceremony in 1956, (the second and last by him being at Chandrapur two days later). There they washed the statue of Dr. Ambedkar with water mixed with honey and garlanded.

The reason: The statue was garlanded by Shri K. Sudarshan, the Supremo of RSS, a few days earlier and thus "polluted" it. He was the first Sarsanghachalak to visit Diksha Bhoomi, since its creation. Shri Kedar said on the occasion, that they have done this symbolic "shuddhikaran" (purification) as protest against the duplicate behaviour of RSS. He said, to vomit venom on one side and to deceive people sentimentally on the other, is the policy of RSS. This must not be tolerated. If the sensitivity is diminished, the society becomes negligent. RSS feels, then they would succeed in their designs. This is their conspiracy. With this intention, the Supremo of RSS had come to Diksha Bhoomi. This drama can not go on, it was necessary to tell them. So we did this. Many dignitaries were present and many spoke on the occasion. There was no tension, what so ever, the news item said.

There was a strong reaction from Manuvadi circles, including the BJP heavyweight ex-Minister and leader of Opposition in State Legislative Council, Shri Nitin Gadkari, who said the act is "an untouchability of sorts, which Dr. Ambedkar had opposed", and charged that they are communalising the atmosphere and creating social tension. [Ind Exp. 14.4.2000]

There was a long article, by Gajanan Janbhor, [Lokmat 15.4.2000], justifying the action of Ambedkarites in washing the statue. He clarified that there was no question of "pollution". It was a symbolic protest against the RSS Suprimo's views against the Constitution. A man who has condemned the Constitution and demanded its replacement, has no moral right to come to Diksha Bhoomi to honour the Creator of the Constitution. Visit of Sudarshan and a drama to garland the statue of Dr. Ambedkar was a part of conspiracy of the Sangha against dalitbahujans, and Christians and minorities. Let us watch and see what happens next.

Dr. K. Jamanadas (Mumbai) for www.ambedkar.org

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