Quota for Dalits in private sector demanded

Hyderabad, June 11: Dalita Aikya Vedika will organise a State-level convention to discuss political power, social justice, separate Telangana and the role of Dalits at Sundarayya Vignana Kendram here on June 12.

Former Kakatiya University vice- chancellor K Jayashankar and former Public Service Commission member T V Narayana will be the chief guests of the convention. Announcing this at a press conference on Monday, Dalita Aikya Vedika president M Samuel said problems of Dalits could not be solved unless they capture political power.

They demanded that the political parties field Dalits in general constituencies in addition to the reserved seats for their empowerment. All the political parties utilise Dalits for their political ends and ignore them later, he regretted.

Stating that a separate Telangana State was needed, he urged the Telangana Rashtra Samiti to clarify its stand with regard to Dalits. The BJP in the State would be badly affected as it had backed out from the Telangana demand.

He demanded that the Central government pass a legislation in Parliament to implement reservations to Dalits in private sector as they were losing job opportunities in view of the massive privatisation. Referring to donations in educational institutions, he appealed to the managements not to demand donations from the Dalits.


Poll: Reservation list announced

SHIMOGA: The State Government has announced the list of reservations of various wards in Hosanagara, Soraba and Shiralakopppa Pura Panchayats for which elections would be held on July 8.

Filing of nomination starts from June 15. June 22 is the last date for filing the nomination. Scrutiny will be done on June 23 and last date to withdraw the nominations is June 25. If necessary, the election will be held on 8 July and the counting will be on July 9.The list categories reserved in various wards is as follows: Hosanagara : 1 SC; 2 BCMA; 3 BCMA (woman); 4 BCMB; 5 Gen (woman); 6 SC; 7 Gen; 8 SC (woman); 9 Gen (woman); 10 Gen; 11 BCMA (woman). Siralakoppa : 1 BCMA (woman); 2 Gen (woman); 3 Gen (woman); 4 SC; 5 SC (woman); 6 Gen; 7 BCMA (woman); 8 Gen (woman); 9 (Gen); 10 BCMA; 11 Gen; 12 BCMB; 13 Gen. Soraba : 1 General; 2 SC (woman); 3 Gen; 4 BCMB; 5 BCMA (woman); 6 Gen (woman); 7 BCMA (woman); 8 General; 9 Gen; 10 Gen (woman); 11 BCMA.

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Published on: June 13, 2001
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