Dr. Rahul Deepankar challenges all progressive people to fight history rewriters

On Fridays August 17th 2001, Dr. Rahul Deepankar convened a large public symposium of social activists under the auspices of New Republic India International at Chicago, USA. More than hundred NRI community leaders representing more twenty social, cultural, and intellectual organizations participated in the symposium, which was chaired by Dr. Rahul Deepankar, the Chairman of NRI.

Professor K.N. Panikkar delivered the keynote address who was also the chief guest. Prof. Panikkar is currently the Vice-Chancellor of Sree Sankracharya University, Kerala, India and well known to all of learned socio-academic activists of India to be in the forefront of struggle against Sangh-Parivar and Manuwadis’ sinister program of redefining the nation of India, rewriting its history and attempting to replace its secular constitution with Manusmriti. Most of the participants recalled and expressed their own experiences and observations of antidemocratic and some of the fascistic activities of Hindutva forces and communal extremists.

All the community leaders appreciated the current and detailed nature of information provided by Prof. Panikkar. Dr. Rahul Deepankar described how an atmosphere of fear and intimidation had been created in India, which had demoralized the minorities like, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Dalit masses. He declared that eventually all of these groups and progressive groups and Hindu liberals also would follow the Dalits to achieve equality and dignity for all citizens.

Dr. Deepankar challenged all awakened, concerned and progressive people to come together in the struggle against obscurantist and decisive and backward looking Manuwadis. He declared these challenges to be critical for security and peace in our great nation of India.

Dr. Deepankar also announced the forthcoming general public meeting to be held in Chicago on September 30th 2001. Main participants beside prominent NRI leaders will be Former Primer Minister of India Shri V.P. Singh Shri Kuldip Nayyar, M.P. and Rev. Robert Thompson, the Chairperson of Parliament of the World’s Religions. The attendees are expected from all major cities in U.S. and abroad.

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