Ranabir Sena threatens more bloodshed

PATNA: Dreaded private army of the land lords, Ranabir Sena is not at all in favour of denouncing violence, instead its supreme commander today came out with the prescription to amalgamate arms with scripture to smash the naxalites from Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Nepal.

Sena chief Barmeshwar Singh reiterating commitment of Sena to finish the naxalites revealed that they plan to carry out action against some villages in Aurangabad and Jehanabad where still the naxalites have been in possession of nearly 500 acres land under their programme economic blockade.

Singh has apparently lost all hopes of administration coming to the help of the landlords and observed " In Bihar there was a goonda raj. The government was ineffective and it was a conglomaration of the criminals. Laloo was their leader and the naxalites were getting support from the criminal, politician and businessmen nexus."

Singh revealed that Sena had organised its women brigade and the volunteers were being rained in use of sophisticated arms. He claimed that Sena had AK 47, SLR and other assault weapons. Singh outright denied that Sena had the support of any political party and emphasised it was a platform for backward castes, Muslims, forward castes, even Yadavs, in their fight against the Naxalites.

Sena in recent past witnessed split on the issue of killing the innocent women and kids by the goons of Sena. But undeterred of these criticism, Singh announced that he had reorganised the sena and still firmly believed that the family members of the person who is at the target of Sena must be taught the lessons, meaning by that they should be annihilated.

Singh claimed that Sena men have snatched 35000 acres of land from the possession of the naxalites who had forcibly grabbed it from the landlords. Singh was quite hopeful that Sena will keep up a strong vigil on the movements of the terrorists and extremists and promised to take on these elements even in Jharkhand, UP and Nepal.

Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: May 8, 2001
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