Reservation for PG courses in AIIMS to stay
HT Correspondent
(New Delhi, March 20)

THE ALL India Institute of Medical Sciences' Academic Committee has finally decided not to do away with reservation for AIIMS graduates in PG courses. However, it has reduced the quota from 33 per cent to 25 per cent.

In a meeting held yesterday, chaired by Union Health Minister Dr C P Thakur, the original recommendation to increase the minimum pass percentage in PG entrance examination was accepted with a view to check the complacent attitude of the students. A new clause of minimum 75 per cent attendance at MBBS level was added. What remains to be seen is whether the apex court would base its judgment on these recommendations when the matter comes up for hearing.

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AIIMS may reconsider withdrawal of PG course quota

Vibha Sharma
(New Delhi, March 18)

JUST A week after the Academic Committee of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences recommended that there should be no reservation benefit for AIIMS graduates for admission to PG courses, a special meeting is being convened tomorrow to "reconsider" the decision, following immense pressure from students' quarters.

The meeting would also involve AIIMS president and Un-ion Minister for Health and Family WelfareDr CP Thakur, , and institute director Dr PK Dave.

The academic committee members had felt that a virtually guaranteed seat for all AIIMS graduates to the institute's PG courses had encouraged complacency among students and resulted in deterioration of standards.

In its March 12 meeting, the committee had arrived at the consensus that the quota introduced in 1978 should be withdrawn.

However, to ensure that AIIMS graduates are not discriminated against if they apply elsewhere, the committee had made a provision allowing an AIIMS MBBS passout to be treated at par in a state from where he has done his 10+2 or where he is a domicile while applying for PG entrance. It had also suggested that minimum pass percentage at the AIIMS PG entrance should be increased to 50 per cent.

However, AIIMS students were not happy with these recommendations and have since been campaigning for their reversal.

When contacted, Dr CP Thakur confirmed that a meeting was being held tomorrow to reconsider the recommendations. "The decision of the academic committee was not final. It will not be fair to withdraw the reservation benefit completely as every state has some quota for their own students. However, to check the complacent attitude of graduates towards the PG entra-nce test, we will raise the pass percentage to 50 per cent," he said.

When asked about the recommendation treating AIIMS students at par with state students if they are domiciles or from where they have completed schooling, he said its implementation may be problematic.

He refuted allegations that only those favouring reservation had been called for the meeting. "Everyone has been called. It may be possible, that instead of completely doing away with reservation, we might reduce the quota to some extent," he added.

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Published on: March 21, 2001
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