SC/ST unemployed engineers threaten stir

MYSORE: The SC/ST Unemployed Engineers Association, condemning the Government stand on filling up of backlog vacancies in Government jobs, has threatened to stage an agitation.

Speaking to the press, K S Jayaram of the Association said the six-month time sought by the Government to fill up vacancies was ‘‘just an eye wash’’.

The Government has been issued an ultimatum by the Association to fill up the vacancies in two weeks. A series of protests would be held throughout the State if the Government fails to fill up vacancies.

The Association further flayed the Government with misleading the public with false facts The previous Government headed by J H Patel had stated that there were around 24,000 backlog in vacancies. According to the Association, there are about 44,000 vacancies which had to be filled among A B C and D group. This apart from the vacancies in private education institutions which are granted aid by the Government.

There are one lakh posts vacant in educational institutions which gets an annual grant of Rs 780 crore. These institutions are flouting the roster system in appointment, he added.

The Government should suspend the annual grant in aid to those institutions which flout the roster system in appointments. They further stated that the Government has not taken up enrollment from 1984 ‘‘however, backdoor employment continued’’.

This has proved to be a great disadvantage to the SC/ST unemployed. They also charged that among the 600 employed under the Lift Irrigation Corporation of the Government headed by H D Deve Gowda one SC was accommodated. The Association has also flayed the ‘Ahimsa’ forum which opposed promotion of SC/ST employees with reservation. The association stated that the participation of Sippe Gowda was condemnable.

Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: April 19, 2001
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