SC hostel inmates left in lurch

Hyderabad, Oct. 5: Faced with grossly inadequate accommodation at the Government SC Girls Hostel, Kavadiguda, officials of the Social Welfare Department have pressurised a private college hostel at Chikkadpally to accommodate 45 girls.

Shift or face the punishment of being rusticated from the college, the 45 students of the SVS Girls College have reportedly been warned by the college principal D Vardhini. But none of the girls are keen on moving out of the government hostel to a private one, lest they be deprived of the facility from the next academic year.

The provocation for the shift was the dharna staged by the angry girl students before the Hyderabad Collectorate on September 16. The inmates had staged the dharna protesting against the overcrowded hostel rooms and lack of basic civic amenities. While the hostel could accommodate only 50 students, over 110 had been squeezed in.

Besides being overcrowded, the SC girls were also deprived of sufficient water to attend to their daily needs, lighting and security facilities. However, instead of solving the problems, the Social Welfare department officials pressurised the principal of S V S college, Chikkadpally to admit 45 inmates in the college hostel.

All the 45 girls are students of S V S college and are pursuing B Com and BSc courses. Since they come from economically backward classes, the girls are accommodated at the government SC hostel run by the social welfare department.

Since a large number of girls from the hostel attend S V S college, the authorities asked the principal D Vardhini to adjust some of the girls in the college hostel.

The principal threatened to issue TC certificates with negative remarks when we refused to leave the government hostel, complain a girl.

Vardhini said that the Social Welfare authorities are blaming the college for admitting too may SC girls. They asked me to adjust these girls in the college hostel since the SC hostel was already overburdened, she said.

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Referred by: Benjamin P. Kaila
Published on:Oct 6, 2001
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