“Save Rupees A Day” Campaign Launched

Centre for Alternative Dalit Media Launches “SAVE RUPEES A DAY” Campaign New Delhi (abhimookanyak) On the Occasion of 110th birth Anniversary of Baba Saheb Ambedkar, Centre for Alternative Dalit Media (CADAM), a Delhi based organisation launched its long term campaign on Economic Empowerment of the Dalits (EED). The organisation has coined the slogan “Save Rupees A Day” to encourage the saving among the Dalits. Ms. Rajni Tilak, who explained the rational of this campaign told that CADAM aims at enrolling 1000 Dalit women by next 14th April. These women, depending upon the local conditions of their hamlets/bastis/localities, will be organised in the groups of 15-25. Each group would be named after the great personalities of the Dalits and Bahujans.

“The functioning of these groups will be based on ‘Gana’ and ‘Sangha’, where groups are the ‘Gana’ and assembly of ‘Gana’ will form the ‘Sangha’. CADAM will provide these ‘Gana’ and ‘Sangha’ necessary training,” said Ms. Tilak. Ms Tilak says that Dalits need to understand basic philosophy of their empowerment. “We as Dalit are more dependent on others, than we should. We have to organise ourselves for our empowerment. No more begging pots. Atta Deepo Bhava meaning self-help is the best help. This is what we aims at”, said Ms. Tilak. Centre for Alternative Dalit Media have already identified localities where these ‘Gana’ would be formed. These localities include Burari, Kamalpura, Haiderpur (North Delhi), Daya Basti, Mangolpuri and Nangloi (West Delhi), Ambedkar Nagar (South Delhi), Mouzpur, Ghonda, Vishwas Nagar and Jagatpuri (East Delhi). Ms. Tilak informed that CADAM has formed a project team comprising of the members of the executive committee and local activists. Apart from this, a full-time salaried project officer, five community workers and one community coordinator will look after the day to activities of the campaign. The expenses towards the salary and conveyance of this staff will be borne by the CADAM, which raise its fund through voluntary contributions. Ms. Tilak has appealed all the people to donate generously to support this initiative.

Donations can be directly sent to Centre for Alternative Dalit Media, AD118B, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi8 110088.

Cheques/Drafts should be drawn in favour Centre for Alternative Dalit Media.

Ashok Bharti

Source: Dalit E-Forum
Referred by: Dr. Ophe
Published on: May 16, 2001
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