Sops for minority communities

NEW DELHI: The city government has decided to include minority communities in its affirmative action plan. Now financial benefits would be given to weaker sections among the minorities on the lines of the welfare schemes for the SC/ST population in the city.

Social welfare minister Krishna Tirath said the government has notified the new policy. The department of social welfare would soon determine the list of benefits to be offered to the minority communities. Any minority family with an annual income of less than Rs 48,000 would stand to gain from these benefit schemes.

Also, under its composite loan scheme, the government would directly give loans up to Rs 50,000 to the SC/STs. The Delhi Scheduled Castes Financial and Development Corporation would be granting these loans. Tirath said previously the DSFDC was working in partnership with nationalised banks to provide loans to the weaker sections of the society. However, the corporation was finding it difficult to get these loans sanctioned.

Tirath said the DSFDC has appointed officials for loan recovery and the recovery rate is nearly 95 per cent. In the current financial year, the corporation sanctioned general loans to 44 beneficiaries. Nearly 55 beneficiaries were assisted under the composite loan scheme.

According to the minister, due to high demand for these loans, the government has decided to raise the target from 100 beneficiaries to 1,000. Also, 14 students have been assisted under the interest free loan scheme for higher education.

The government has also decided to sanction study loans directly to students of the weaker section instead of routing the grant through the department of education. Tirath said this would ensure that the beneficiaries get the money. The department will open bank accounts for these students.

Nearly 3,000 students have been given computer training in last one year. Another 600 are enrolled in professional training courses like cutting and tailoring, beauty culture and repairing household gadgets.

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Published on: July 24, 2001
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