Stress on welfare schemes to prevent sale of children

ELURU:The vigorous implementation of welfare schemes would act as a deterrent on the poor to offer their offsprings for sale, DRDA project director K R B H N Chakravarthy said.

Addressing a seminar on ‘adoption of children’ at ZP conference hall held under the aegis of Women and Child Welfare Department on Wednesday, the official traced the origin of the problem of sale of children to poverty.

He favoured deterrent punishment to NGOs involved in child trafficking in the guise of running children homes.

A vigilant public would be of help to the Government machinery in keeping tab on the activities of the NGOs running children homes.

He said the tribals would be educated on the rights of girl child during the ensuing janmabhoomi.

Meetings would be organised in girijan tandas to sensitise tribals to the hazards involved in offering their children for adoption.

He said all the societies registered under 1960 Societies Registration Act should get prior permission from Women and Child Welfare Officer to run children homes.

Retired regional deputy director of Women and child welfare Brahmavathi said the Government should set up sishu vihar in each district to house orphans among children.

Public prosecutor K Ramamohana Rao said the whole process of adoption of children should be legalised to prevent unscrupulous elements from taking advantages of the loopholes in the system.

Project Director of Women and Child Welfare V Venkatalakshmi, Telugu Bala Mahila Pranganam Rajyalakshmi, police special branch SI Raviverma and others took part in the seminar.

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Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: May 25, 2001
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