Telugu literature takes up Dalit cause

Hyderabad, Feb. 4: Like elsewhere in the country, literature continues to be a cross between the tradition and modernity.

In its efforts to encourage regional literature, the Prajashakthi Book House conducted a competition for Telugu novelists. Most of the books focussed on the plight of the backward sections and their struggle for justice.

The first two novels which were given prizes in the competition conducted by Andhra University were Viswanadha Satyanarayana’s Veyipadagalu, a novel which argues in favour of traditional values and social system and Adavi Bapiraju’s Narayana Rao which backs modernism.

Presiding over the function on Sunday, noted critic Haripur-usotham Rao said such conflict between tradionalists and modernists would serve as a backdrop for literature in general and novels in particular. He released A Applanaidu’s Utkalam which won the first prize in the competition conducted by Prajashakti Book House.

Noted writer Boyi Jangaia while releasing the second prize- winning novel Revu said the novel would create a sensation in literary circles. He complimented novelist Chalam for portraying a realistic picture of people in the lower strata of society.

Senior journalist Satishchander released the novel Dandam Meedhi Chialakalu written by Goparaaju Nageswaraa Rao. He described the work as a novel written on lines of Unnava Lakkshminarayana’s Mala Palle. He said the trends in Dalit literature should be understood in the right perspective.

Noted writer Ampasayya Naveen, releasing Gangajathara, a compilation of short stories, said there ought to be coordination among the various literary trends and movements aimed at transforming society.

He asked more publishers to support and encourage writings that exposed globalisation, market economies and communal trends.

Prajasakhti publications Editor T Ravi said there was a need to fight against the ill effects of globalisation. His group would strive to create more awareness.

Referred by:Balram Sampla
Published on: February 5, 2001
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