Tumkur village peaceful after violence

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TUMKUR:The situation in the Gulla Hareve village, which was rocked by caste violence on Wednesday, is said to be under control.Around 25 persons were arrested in the clash, which erupted between the Dalits and the members of the upper caste during the annual fair, it is learnt.

Also several bicycles and bikes belonging to a group of people, who went to attack a particular community, is reported to have been seized. Security has been beefed up to prevent further trouble.Trouble began when a Dalit boy went to a shop owned by an upper caste member. This reportedly sparked an altercation between the boy and the members of the upper caste, who are learnt to have chased him and threw stones on the houses of the Dalits. On receipt of information, the police rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control.

BACKGROUND: The members of the Thigala community organise the 'Maramma jatre' (festival), it is learnt.

A Dalit boy, who had been to the festival to play an instrument reportedly insisted on including the members of his community in the celebration. On the same day, there was trouble again over garlanding the deity.

A verbal feud between the youth and the members of the Thigala community ensued on Wednesday evening when the former went to a shop, it is learnt.

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Published on: July 21, 2001
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