UNHRC hails debate on caste issues

DURBAN, SEPT. 7. The U.N. Human Rights Commission today said the World Conference against Racism had seen ``greater mobilisation'' on the issue of caste and welcomed the ``principled stance'' taken by India's National Human Rights Commission in raising it at the forum.

``We have seen over the past two weeks a greater mobilisation around the question of caste and an enriching debate whether it should be a focus of the conference'', the UNHRC chief Ms. Mary Robinson, who is also the WCAR Secretary-General, told PTI here.

She said ``this conference should be one where victims can have their voices heard, where those who feel aggrieved can feel that they can turn and look for the means to redress their situation.''

``The delegates were working on the groups which would be included in the WCAR declaration and the programme for action ``and indeed much progress has been made by the group discussing grounds for discrimination,'' she said.

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Referred by:Benjamin P Kaila
Published on:8 Sep, 2001
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