Umed to form trust in Phoolan's name


EW DELHI: Amid charges and counter charges and much drama, Phoolan Devi's husband, Umed Singh declared that a trust would be created for all her moveable and immovable property. Even as Phoolan's family members shouted that Umed was her killer and that he should be arrested, Singh announced that the Phoolan Devi Shoshit Varg Uthan Trust would be registered after the 13th-day ceremony and its working would be decided by the backward caste society at large.

Singh clarified that the creation of the trust was to end the rumours on Phoolan's will. "By creating a trust I have dissociated myself from the property. It will be on the trust management to decide who should get what from her property," he said.

Though the Phoolan Devi's family members agreed on creation of the trust, they alleged that Umed Singh knew the killers (Sher Singh Rana and Balbir Singh).

Contrary to Umed Singh's statement that he had known the persons arrested and Kashyap couple only because they came to visit Phoolan Devi; Munni Devi, Phoolan's sister alleged that he knew them well and was involved in conspiring with the killers.

Speaking at a press conference called at Phoolan's 44 Ashoka Road residence, Umed Singh discarded these allegations and said as the family members are not willing to accept the creation of the trust.

However, the family members said they did not have anything to do with the property, which is roughly estimated to be over Rs 10 crore. Munni Devi said: "Sister (Phoolan Devi) never considered him as her husband. It was he who would tag along her as a dog. He was even kicked by her."

Though the Phoolan's sisters and mother said property might be the motive of her killing, Umed Singh said the killing was part of a larger political conspiracy.

He declined to take name of people or party he suspected of being involved in the conspiracy. But he added that he feared for his life and the two weapons recovered from the garage were meant to kill him.

Just before the press conference, Samajawati Party president Mulayam Singh Yadav visited the house, but did not address the conference.

When the Phoolan's relatives started speaking to the media and bombarded Umed with various charges, he ended the conference and said he feared for his life from her family members too.

He said that the weapons were brought in the premises after Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's visit to condole the death of Phoolan. "Due to his visit the whole premise was thoroughly searched and nothing was found. Clearly the weapons were brought to finish him," he said.

Umed Singh had said yesterday that he would reveal something dramatic at the press conference, but the only drama was the slanging matches between himself and Phoolan's family members.

He also said that Kamini Jaiswal had not been Phoolan Devi's lawyer and therefore was not authorised to speak on her behalf. Supreme Court lawyer S C Maheshwari had been Phoolan's lawyer for the past two years.

Refuting charges of not divorcing his first wife, Sunita who lives in Timar Pur area in North Delhi, Umed Singh said that he had obtained a divorce before marrying Phoolan. But the family members negated this statement and asked police to arrest his first wife and two daughters and quiz them.

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Referred by: Mukundan C.M.
Published on:August 1, 2001
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