Vigil for Kamballapalli

Vigil for Kamballapalli victims took place at the Indian High Commission, London on the 12th March 2000.

Approx. 20-25 Dalit Solidarity Network members turned out to mark the first anniversary of the horrific murders in the village of Kamballapalli. The members held placards outside the Indian High Commission premises and leaflets were distributed to the public.

Mr. Jeremy Corbyn MP, Revd David Haslam and Mr.Iqbal Singh met officials of the Indian High Commission.

Revd. David Haslam was briefly interviewed by Sunrise Radio. His interview was broadcast between 5pm - 5.30pm on Monday 12th March.

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His Excellency Nareshwar Dayal
High Commissioner of India
India House
London WC2B 4NA

7TH March 2001

Your Excellency

We are handing in this letter today to mark the first anniversary of the burning to death of seven Dalit people at Kamballapalli, in the Kolar District, State of Karnataka, on the March 11th,2000. We are aware that are many atrocities committed against Dalits almost daily in India, but this one seemed to be particularly horrific, including as it does the murder of a 70 year old woman. As has been mentioned to you before in delegations with British MP's the Kamballapali murders are being seen as something of a symbol as to whether the Indian authorities can act vigorously and effectively against such killings.

In case you are not aware of the details of the case, we enclose a copy of the relevant pages from the report of the National Public Hearing on Dalit Human Rights Violations, held in Chennai/ Madras on April 18th -19th last year.

It is our understanding that a number of people from the Reddy sub-caste are still on remand in goal for these killings. In the meantime almost all the Dalit families have left Kamballapalli and are living in a welfare hostel in Chintamani. We also understand the authorities are providing food and constructing new homes for the Dalit people in the area of Chintamani, and that they will be provided with land and farm animals. However we feel their original homes should be made sufficiently safe for them to return if they wish. We would like to know if the trial date has been set for the accused, and when the case is likely to be heard.

We also urge your Government to take vigorous action to implement the Prevention of Atrocities Act (1989) which was intended to end violence on a caste basis, but seems to have been ineffective so far. Only this week we have received further reports of fire attacks against Dalits areas in Bangalore, where fortunately no-one has been killed but dozens of houses have been burned down. We believe the wide range of caste violence damages India's good name in the eyes of the international community.

Yours Sincerely,

Revd. David Haslam

Dalit supporters plan London protest

Shyam Bhatia, London
Mar 11, 2001 14:20 Hrs (IST)

SUPPORTERS of the Dalit movement are meeting outside the Indian High Commission on Monday to mark the first anniversary of the horrific murders of seven Dalits in Kamballapalli village in Karnataka.

Dalit Solidarity Network chairman David Haslam says Monday's vigil represents the first ever protest in London against caste discrimination.

Among those expected to participate in the protest are Labor MPs Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, former bishop of Peshawar and Anglican Missionary Society head Bishop Mano Rumalshah and trade union leader Rodney Bickerstaffe.

"Kamballapalli is a symbol of the difficulty that Dalits meet when trying to obtain justice," Haslam said. Haslam, a minister of the Methodist church, added, "After the murder, one a 70 year old woman, almost all the Dalit community were moved out of the village where the atrocity took place and resettled in a nearby town."

"The authorities are providing food and have promised new housing, but this means the Dalit people of that area may never be able to return home," he said.

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Published on: March 14, 2001
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