Vishwanath seeks survey report on unaided SC/ST institutions

MYSORE: Primary Education Minister H Vishwanath said the government has planned to extend grant-in-aid to unaided SC/ST management institutions opened after 1987.

The proposal to extend grant-in-aid to unaided SC/ST management education institutions will be discussed in the Cabinet meeting, said Vishwanath, in his address after laying foundation to a professional college at the Damodharam Sanjeeviah Memorial Education Trust on Monday.

The minister said he is seeking a detailed survey report on the functioning of unaided SC/ST institutions in the State. He said the government would extend aid to SC/STs management institutions, which have fulfilled the terms and conditions imposed by the government. He observed that a majority of SC/ST mangement institutions have failed to provide employment to Dalits and other weaker sections. He said it is unfortunate that many unaided education institutions, which had shut down, have erected sign boards again, hoping to claim grant-in-aid from the government.

Vishwanath said the government has decided to give permission to open 60 additional teachers colleges. He said out of 138 teachers colleges in the State, six are being run by SC/ST management and three by Backward Class managements. The government, he said, plans to sanction teachers colleges to education institutes run by Most Backwards Castes and SC/ST managements, which are running primary and high schools.

Vishwanath reiterated that the State government led by S M Krishna is committed to providing primary education and that the government has opened a new education directorate covering seven districts in North Karnataka. He said the government has planned to spent Rs 166 out of Rs 294 crores to develop basic infrastructure in North Karnataka region, which has 6.5 lakhs out of 10.5 lakhs dropouts in the State. He said the 6.5 lakh dropouts included 4.75 lakh children from Dalit and backward communities.

He said it is the joint responsibility of the government and society, particularly the first generation literates, to educate the 33 per cent illiterates in the State. ''Appointment of teachers would not be the only programme in education department,'' he asserted. Union Minister V Srinivasa Prasad said that education was an important asset for Dalits. Education, he asserted, can help them from being the exploited section and also in developing self-respect. He said that despite the Constitution providing Dalits with political reservations in the Parliament and Assembly, there has been a failure in providing education institutions to the illiterate masses. It is time affluent Dalits unite to start education institutions for the welfare of the poor, said Vishwanath.

Finance Minister M Shivanna called upon the Dalits to set aside their differences and to join hands to work for their welfare. He expressed fear over the differences among the community, saying it would enable dominant sections continue their atrocities over weaker sections.

He assured the members of the Sanjeeviah Education Institutions that the State government would support the development of the proposed education institutes. MLAs A R Krishna Murthy, H S Shankerlinge Gowda, N L Bharathi Shanker, A S Guru Swamy, Mayor B K Prakash also spoke at the function. Buddist Monk, Anand Bantheji graced the occassion.

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Published on: 28Aug2001
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