Attempt to Demolish Buddha Vihar, thwarted by BSS

It was smelt in the evening of 31st July, 2000 that a Demolition Squad of Municipal Corporation of Delhi is to demolish a Buddha Vihara situated at Nangloi, Phase-II, in New Delhi. Their contention was that the Buddha Vihara is on the encroached land of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The Bhante of the Buddha Vihara desperately approached a lot of dalit leaders of different apolitical and political parties but of no avail. Almost all of them have evaded the matter on this and that pretext. Then, the vulnerable Bhante contacted Dr. Brij Mohan Sagar, Chief Commander, Delhi Pradesh who assured him full protection.

Same day in the night, Mr. Sagar has called for an emergency meeting of the State Executive Council who inter alia decided to take on the MCD and Delhi Police and immediately flashed the message in the night itself to all its District Commanders to reach the site along with the volunteers to withstand any move of the government to demolish the Buddha Vihara.

Next day i.e. the 1st August, 2000, at about 9:00am, the thousands of the BSS volunteers assembled at the Buddha Vihara. An elaborate arrangement was also made for the sermons to be delivered by the Bhantes before the volunteers. A festival like atmosphere was there.

At about 11:30, the MCD demolition squad along with the strong contingent of police personals reached the spot. They surprised to see all the festive arrangement and gatherings. The in charge of the demolition squad met Dr. Brij Mohan Sagar Chief Commander BSS who has taken the command of the entire affairs and shown his intention of demolishing the Vihara. Dr. Sagar told him that they are welcome to go ahead but before that they will have to demolish all the Hindu Temples in Delhi which have also been constructed on the encroached land of the government!

At this, the officials of the MCD and Delhi police have contacted their respective Bosses to apprise the situation of fierce encounter with the BSS volunteers and possible bloodshed who might have instructed them for not to demolish the structure. The Delhi BSS has warned the government of playing any mischief with the religious places other then that of the Hindus. They left without taking any action! It was a big triumph of BSS which has being acclaimed by the society.

Secretary to the C-in-C BSS
National Headquarters BSS,
New Delhi.
2nd August, 2000.

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