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BAMCEF Second Delhi State Convention held at Shahdara

Delhi- A BAMCEF second state level convention was held at Shahdara, Delhi on 3 rd September 2000. The conference was inaugurated by Mr. Waman Meshram, National President BAMCEF. Shahdara is a important centre of Delhi region, Where maximum Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj resides. Hence this conference was purposely held at Shahdara, to create roots of Phuley- Ambedkarite movement among educted people of this region. In his inaugural speech Mr. Waman Meshram said that Arya brahmins created four fold verticle social order system and they called it the best system. In the so called best system they kept 3743 OBC castes in the fourth varna, but they did not give them any right. But today the situation is that these 3743 OBC castes don’t realise that they are shudrasand are at the bottom of the varna system, but they realise themselves as Hindus. Arya Brahmins were stressing for Arya word before 1875. But from 1925 they started collecting people stressing more on ‘Hindu’ word rather than ‘Arya’. This needs to be analysed. While concluding he said that forthcoming 10 years is the trasition period for India. Because in the name of Globalisation, Privatasation and Liberalisation Arya brahmins had started “Welcome India” movement. So Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj will have to decide whether the country and the society have to be made salve or not. In the delegate session the activists from various centres pointe out that it is conspiracy of constitution review commission to make up the mind of Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj in favour of the newly appointed constitution review commission. So our people should not think of giving any suggestions to anti-constitution review commission. Dr. K.S. Chauhan, Adv. Supreme Court spoke that the present constitutional amendments in favour of 50% backlog and reservation in promotion is nothing but a conspiracy to fool the Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj. Mr. Waman Meshram presided over the session.

Haryana State Walmiki Conference held in Ambala

Ambala- BAMCEF, Haryana state unit celebrated birth anniversary of Maharishi Walmiki on 15th October at Ambala. On this occasion a symposium held on the topic “Why after 50 years of the independence scavengers are not able to be in the manifold of the system?” Delegates from various cetres, states spoke on the subject. Most of the them were of the opinion that they were mentally slaved of the social system. There mind were not diverted into the educational field, developmental field. They were always thinking that how their son, daughter will become a municipality servants. Mr. Mangatramji, Mr. Ram kumar walmiki, Mr. Kashmir Singh, Mr. Ram Kumar, Mr. R.K. Chauhan, Mr. Sopalji, Mr. Kishan Lalji, Mr. Sant Ramji gave their views on the topic. Among prominent speakers were Mr. D.D. kalyani. He pointed out that before 1931 census there is no walmiki word present. Only after 1931 census Walmiki word came into existance. The Walmiki community was the fighter community. But they were made isolated from the manifold. In the concluding speech Mr. Waman Meshram told that every year lakhs of rupees are spend in UP, Delhi, Haryana and Punjab to celebrate the Walmiki Jayanti. Every time there are discussions on Walmiki and so called holy Ramayana. But since independence no discussions were carried out on why scavengers are still at the bottom most part of the varna system? Why they are not able to become the part of the mainstrem of society? If scavengers are not able to join the “main stream” of national life due to social economical and educational degradation. The basic question arises “Where lies the problem” The basic thing is that this community was utilised by Arya-brahmins fro the years. Also Walmiki community did not accept the social movement, ideology of Dr. Ambedkar, and instead followed by Gandhiji. This is the main reason for their backwardness. Because historical fact says that among scheduled caste only those castes in various states are developed and prosperous who had accepted the ideology, movement and struggle of Dr. Ambedkar.

Third North-West Zonal conference held at Jalandhar (Punjab)

Jalandhar- BAMCEF third north-west zonal conference was held at Deshbakat Yadgar Hall, jalandhar, Punjab on 22nd October 2000. Delegates from Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu-Kashmir and punjab participated in this conference. Various topics for discussions were 1) Should Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj give suggestions to the constitution review commission or not?
2) Are Mulniwasi Bahujan hindu?

The conference was inaugurated by Dr. K.S. Chauhan, Adv. Supreme Court. In his inaugural speech dr. K.S. Chauhan said that it is conspiracy of the brahminical forces not give adequate Share in power, though these amendments are made. Before this amendment was made, there was no 50% ceiling of reservation in the constitution, but how that had been introduced through these amendments. In the presiding speech Mr. Waman Meshram told that through these amendments the brahminical forces are trying to neutralise the anti- constitutional wave of Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj. Both these amendments will give nothing to us, but they had put the name of reservations, backlog and done the work which if favouring them not us.

Another topic of discussion was “Are Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj Hindu?” Speaking on the concluding speech Mr. Waman Meshram told that in the favour of varna system. Aryan included shudras (OBC) in their social system have not given any right to them. SC/ ST people get their rights onn1932 itself but it took 1992 for OBC’s to get their rights. There is a difference of 40 years. This all happened because OBC (Shudras) considered themselves as hindu and not as OBC. Aryan brahmins can not win even a single seat if they are contesting election in the name of Arya. But from 1925 due to the adult francise rule in India. Arya brahmins stopped calling them aryan anf floated the concept of hindu so as to utilise the OBC.

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