UP: BSP rules out alliance in Assembly polls


New Delhi, Dec. 6. (PTI): Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Mayawati today ruled out any alliance with other parties in the coming Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and lambasted Ramvilas Paswan's newly floated Janshakti saying it was basically funded by "BJP's money power" to cut into BSP votes.

"Janshakti of Paswan is in fact the `Dhanshakti' of BJP. They know he cannot win but the Manuvadi party wants to cut into our votes," Mayawati said addressing a party rally here.

Lashing out at the "Manuvadi" designs of BJP, she said the saffron party had resorted to their "third formula vis-a-vis Paswan" after previous moves in making Suraj Bhan Uttar Pradesh Governor and Bangaru Laxman the party chief failed to enthuse interests among backward communities towards BJP.

"BJP is bringing this `Dal Badlu' (habitual defector) keeping an eye on UP elections. But it was the same Paswan whose deposit was forfeited in Hardwar bye-polls in 1987," she said.

The rally, organised to register protest against the Constitution review move of the NDA Government, was also addressed by BSP chief Kanshi Ram.

Talking to reporters, both the leaders denied that the rally was convened to counter Paswan's "successful meet" on November 28 when he floated the Janshakti.

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