Bidhuri demands Dalit CM for Delhi
December 13, 2000, HTC
(New Delhi)

Former Delhi Pradesh Congress vice-president and spokesperson, Ramvir Singh Bidhuri, on Tuesday demanded that a Dalit leader should be made Chief Minister of Delhi.

Announcing his decision to join the newly formed Lok Janshakti Party led by Ram Vilas Paswan, Mr Bidhuri said that Mrs Dikshit had earlier said that a 'Dalit' leader would be made DPCC president, but that she had instead backed up Mr Subhash Chopra.

He said that if Ms Dikshit is truly a well wisher of the Dalits, then she should step down as it will send a positive signal to the electorate in the Congress ruled States.

Demanding a CBI probe into corruption charges against Ms Dikshit, he said that if the party's image is to be improved, then a 'Dalit' leader with impeccable credentials should be made the Chief Minister of Delhi.

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