Census: call to include Dalits as neo-Buddhists


Sri Nidamamidi Veerabhadra Channamalla Swamiji has given a call to include Dalits as neo- Buddhists in the forthcoming census.

Speaking to reporters here at a press conference today, he said that there was nothing wrong in including Dalits as neo-Buddhists. There was no need for the Dalit community to embrace any higher religion as Buddhism embodied the very essence of humanity, he opined.

Expressing solidarity with the call given by the Veerashaivas seeking a separate religion status for their community, he said that Veerashaivism and Hinduism were different. The vachanas were very significant in Veershaivism whereas the Vedas were given utmost prominence in Hinduism. Veerashaivism was one among the non-Hindu religions, he opined.

Dalit leaders D G Sagar and Malleshi were present at the press conference.

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