DUTA to launch signature drive against reservation in university teaching posts

New Delhi, May 29
(HT Correspondent)

THE DELHI University Teachers' Association (Duta) Executive has decided to launch a signature campaign of teachers and present a memorandum to the Prime Minister urging for exemption of teaching posts from reservation in the context of the recent constitutional amendment.

It also plans to hold a seminar on the issue once the university reopens.

DUTA president S S Rathi said the Duta Executive is of the opinion the policy of reservation in teaching positions in universities goes against the basic objectives of the university system. “The interests of higher education would be harmed by the proposed constitutional amendment in this regard which nullifies the Supreme Court decision, putting a 50 per cent limit on filling up of vacant posts by SC/ST candidates who also have reservations in teaching posts in central universities,” he said.

The government move would act as a disincentive to bright students from joining post-graduate studies and pursuing research activities as nullification of the Supreme Court decision and extension of amended decision to university teaching positions would lead to the situation in which no open posts in many disciplines would be available for the next one decade, according to Dr Rathi.

In light of the Supreme Court decision on Mandal Commission that certain categories including university professors could be exempted from reservation, the Duta Executive has appealed to the Government to extend exemption from reservation to teaching positions in universities. The Supreme Court judgment further states: “There are certain services, posts to which it is not advisable to make reservations — services/posts on account of their nature and duties attached calling for highest level of intelligence.”

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