Women, Dalits want Manu's statue removed

19th August 2000
HT Correspondent
(Jaipur, August 18)

MORE THAN 20 women organisations and Dalit groups today decided to launch a satyagraha in Rajasthan if the State Government failed to take appropriate action to remove the statue of Manu from the premises of the High Court in the near future.

Leaders of women organisations and Dalit groups' leaders said that they would decide about the exact date of launching of satyagraha during their next meeting which might be held in Jaipur.

Women organisations and Dalit groups organised a day-long sit-in in front of the High Court on Wednesday and Magsaysay Award-winner Arundhati Roy also participated in the programme. They also presented memoranda to the Chief Justice and the CM in this context.

In the memorandum to the Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court, leaders of the Manuvad Mitao Pratima Hatao Sanghrash Samiti said that three cases pertaining to removal of the statue of Manu were pending in the High Court for the past 11 years. They urged the Chief Justice to ensure the speedy disposal of these cases, which could be done on day to day basis hearing in the High Court.

In another memorandum to the Chief Minister, these women organisations have been made clear that current issue pertained to the sentiments of people, who were connected with the movement to ensure the removal of Manu's statue from the premises of the High Court.

Different women organisations and Dalit groups have also demanded that Government should ask the Advocate General to give the progress of the case and arguments given by him in the court. Second, the Government should use legislative powers to introduce the Bill in Assembly and pass it to get the powers to remove the statue from premises of the High Court.

The women organisations leaders said that the bar association had established the statue of Manu in the premises of High Court in 1989, which was challenged by three petitioners, but cases were still pending for final hearing in the court.

They said thousands of workers had come to Jaipur from different parts of country to participate in the dharna in Jaipur city in March last year.

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