`Fight against statute review'


NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 29: Eminent jurists and intellectuals have called for a united struggle against the BJP government's move for a constitutional review and for criminal law amendments. They also urge that the Sangh Parivar's attacks on minorities and secular democratic rights be met. Eminent jurists including former chief justice of Bombay High Court S.M. Daud, advocate Malini Poduval, advocate Jitendra Sharma and JNU professor Dr K.N. Panikkar will participate in a two-day meeting organised by the All India Democratic Convention. The seminar will be held in New Delhi on December 2 and 3. According to Justice Daud, who had participated in a preparatory meeting held on Sunday, the convention is being held to protest against the communalisation of the political process and globalisation.

``Communalism has penetrated all the spheres including culture and entertainment,'' said Justice Daud. According to him, economic imperialism can come in different guises. ``One is to build a political will so that dissent cannot surface. The other is to stamp out the dissent of the minorities. This is something that has been used before,'' he said.

``New structures are being created to justify the attempt to review (the Constitution) and the attempt to bring in the new law is a part of this onslaught,'' said Dr Panikkar.

The others who will attend the convention include Justices V.R. Krishna Iyer, Rajindar Sachar, Suresh, P.B. Sawant, eminent historian Irfan Habib, former Jamia vice-chancellor Mushirul Hasan, Dr Randhir Singh, advocate K.G. Kannabiran and advocate Jitendra Sharma.

Regarding the amendments to criminal law, Justice Daud felt this was being done to give more power to police who are, he believes, often perpetrators of the crime.

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