Fined In Temple For Caste
Calcutta, Nov. 23:

Brahmin priests of a kali temple today fined a "low caste" woman for touching the idol at Pursurah village in Hooghly district. The temple authorities asked the woman's family to pay a fine of Rs 8,000 which they said was needed for rituals "to purify the idol".

N. Rameshbabu, superintendent of police, said the police was aware about the incident. Caste discrimination being a punishable offence, the local police station has been asked to begin a formal inquiry into the incident.

Savama Seeth, who is mentally challenged and belongs to a poor family, visited the temple yesterday. After entering the temple, she took some vermilion from the idol's head.

The temple authorities today summoned Savama's husband and ordered him to pay Rs 8,000 .

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