Four-year-old girl beheaded for sacrifice

Hindustan Times

A 40-YEAR-old man allegedly 'sacrificed' a four-year-old girl on Monday in Miragpur village, 30 km from Roorke. Only the head of the victim has been recovered so far.

According to sources, Sapna, daughter of Janeshwar, a member of Dalit community, had accompanied her parents to the fields to collect fodder. But after some time, Sapna's parents found her missing. After frantic search, her parents found her head chopped and mutilated in the field.

While returning form the fields, the villagers saw Som, a fellow-villager, roaming around suspiciously.

On seeing the girl's parents, he tried to flee, but villagers overpowered him. Som is said to have confessed that he sacrificed the girl to propitiate a deity. Villagers later handed him over to the police.

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