"Golden Jubilee Of The Constitution Or Golden Jubilee Of Betrayal Of Constitution By The Ruling Castes"


We the people of India have formed Indian Constitution and the Govt. of India has adopted it on 26th January 1950. This Historic event has completed 50 years on 26th January 2000. Thus, the Millennium year is a Golden Jubilee Year of the Indian constitution.


The Govt. of India has celebrated the Golden Jubilee of Independence at the cost of the Govt. In the same manner the Govt. of India ought to have celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Indian Constitution. But the Govt. has consciously avoided to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Indian Constitution. On the contrary the Govt. has decided to review the Indian Constitution. Therefore this is the time for Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj to think seriously about seriously about the attitude and game plan of the Govt. not only the BJP in the Govt. but also the other constituent of NDA Govt. have not insisted for the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the constitution. Leave aside the Govt. even the parties in the opposition have not decided to celebrate it. At least the congress party should have celebrated as they have Govt. in some of the states but even they have not shown any inclination for celebration. Infact they have joined hands with BJP in the conspiracy to review the constitution. It seems that they have jointly decided to stage a drama on the review of constitution and play the role as actors.


BJP has decided to review the constitution and congress as another party of Ruling caste has decided to oppose and Brahmin-Bania print media started propaganda and created opinion either for or against the review of constitution and deliberately dectracted attention of the people from the real issues of betrayal of constitution by the Ruling castes, the possibility of which was not ruled out on the completion of 50 years of the Indian Constitution. The BJP has therefore raised the issue of review and the congress opposed to detract attention on betrayal of constitution.


The Govt. of India adopted Indian Constitution on 26th January 1950. The constitution in it’s preamble states that we the people of India shall built strong nation and form new society based on Equality, Liberty, Justice & Fraternity. Whether during 50 years the constitution has been implemented sincerely to achieve this objective? It can be said that efforts have not been made and it was the responsibility of the people to whom the people of India handed over the power to implement the constitution. It is proved beyond doubt that instead of implementing the constitution they have betrayed it. Now Munivasi Bahujan Samaj of India is releasing that ruling castes have betrayed the constitution by consciously avoiding to implement the provisions in the constitution.


Ruling castes are frightened due to gradual realisation among Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj about the betrayal of the constitution by the ruling castes. This realisation is spreading which is frightening the ruling castes. Therefore to hide their deceptions they want to focus the attention of Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj on the shortcomings in the constitution and detract attention from their betrayal. This they proved by constituting the review commission.


Review Commission constituted is not the representative in nature. Review of constitution can be done only by the elected representatives. But Govt. avoided it. Possibly they would have followed this procedure, had the elected representatives only from BJP, Congress or Communists and such commission would have blamed parliamentary democracy and acquited ruling castes from the blame of betrayal. But elected representatives constitutes of SC/ST/OBC and Minorities who could have got representations in the commission compulsary and these representatives would have exposed the betrayal of Constitution and the conspiracy behind the review of constitution. Therefore on the pretext of specialist and non-political criteria the former Judges have been pointed on the review commission. It was possible to constitute commission amongst elected representatives and assistance could have been sort from experts. Where from the non-political experts has got experience to review the political syatem? How ever ruling castes want to play a game and appoint people from ruling castes, in the name of experts to suit their game plan.


The review could have been as to how ruling castes have betrayed the constitution and made conspiracy against Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj. Instead they decided to review the constitution as if they are not responsible for the failure but constitution itself is responsible.


The constitution has provided all the rights to Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj which were denied by Manusmruti also at the same time it has ended the special rights given to Brahmin by Manusmruti. Constitution has provided right of representation in governance and administration to the SC/ST/OBC and converted minorities. By this right alone constitution has provided an opportunity to them to become Rulers of this country. Not only it provided the right to vote, but also this right has brought even scavenger to the status of that of queen. Indian Constitution is pro-Hindu OBC and anti Hindu Brahmin. Therefore Hindu Brahmins oppose the constitution. In nutshell fundamental rights were provided to Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj which were denied by Manusmruti. However during 50 years of rules, the ruling castes have not implemented constitutional provision but betrayed the constitution. Thus to detract attention of Mulniwasi Bahujan Samaj they have attempted to review constitution.


On 26th January 1950, Honorable President of constituent assembly, Dr.Rajendra Prasad dedicated the Indian Constitution to the nation and warned, “If the rulers do not have high moral character they will fail the best constitution.” Also on the same very day the Chief Architect of the constitution Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar observed “ Howsoever is good a constitution might be, it was sure to turn bad if those who were called to work it happen to be a bad lot”. But today ruling castes are blaming constitution for their betrayal and sabotaged of the constitution and to coceal it they have review commission.


BAMCEF had already arranged 5000 programmes in 23 States of India out of which 2500 had already completed successfully on the above said topic. The purpose of launching this campaign is that ruling castes want to put a curtain on the truth that they have sabotaged the Indian constitution by limiting the discussion “ On Review or not to Review the Constitution”. Where as BAMCEF wants to raise the curtain so that the people should know as to who were responsible? Whether the constitution was responsible was responsible or the people who have failed to implement the constitution were responsible. Therefore BAMCEF launched this special campaign from 6th February 2000 and the Honorable President of India also desired so by saying “ Whether Constitution failed us or we have failed the constitution”. By these words the Hon’ble President of India wanted to convey a message that we have failed the Constitution. Therefore BAMCEF have launched this campaign in support of Hon’ble President of India.


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