Honouring of L.K.Madavi by Dalit E-Forum

Ambedkar International Mission's Literary Award was presented to L. K. Madavi, at the hands of Bhante Arya Nagarjuna Surai Sasai, at Nagpur for his book "Patana". A momento and a cheque of Rs. 25,000/- was the nature of the Award.

Bhanteji said on this occasion, that this book is of not only Dhamma but a Revolution. Two main speakers were Dr. K. Jamanadas and Waharu Sonawane, a prominent Adivasi writer and the President of "Vidrohi Sahitya Sammelan. Dr. Mhaske, and Dr. Gajbhiye, both members of the Forum, had taken great pains to organise the meet. Dr. Mrs. Brahmne conducted the proceedings.

The meeting was attended by all the "heavy wieghts" in Ambedkarite literature and journalism in the Region and had a gathering of about 700 intelegentia of Dalitbahujans.

The translated version of "Patana" By Dr. K. Jamanadas

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