SPEECH of Sardar Buta Singh on 15th April 2000

Dear Friends,

I am happy to Inaugurate the exclusive Dalit International Web Site -

built by our Friends abroad, particularly Mr Shashikant Chandrasekhar of Cleveland, USA.

Friends, I would like you to remember the Commandment of Baba Saheb to all of us,

Educate, Agitate and Organise

In a rapidly shrinking World, no Nation and no Society could survive without mastering Science and Technology. The World, particularly West had moved far ahead, only because of Science and Technology, and adoption of the same which resulted in ushering Industrial Revolution in Europe. For the same reason, USA and many other American Nations have moved ahead to catch up, and in many spheres surpass Europe. This was the Main Reason for successive defeats of the Indian People in the hands of many Conquerors who came to India one after the other, and the ultimate loss of Freedom and Colonisation of India by the British.

We must all remember the fact that though India has got Freedom 50 years ago, the People of the Country are still to see the Light of the Day in their Lives, and the Dalits of the Nation are still to get their Freedom, Liberty and Equality. Most of them are still to get Equal Opportunities. Many a rationalisations by the Govt, the Officials, the Academicians, the Professional Writers and Columnists, and the Journalists to explain away and brush aside the Problem and Poverty of the millions of the People in the Country, particularly the SC&ST Dalits, is only a Great Fraud on the Nation, the People and the Constitution. Th People here are Poor, not because they don't work like the rich, or are not willing to work as do the many upper castes, but only because they are made poor and are kept as poor. They are unable to Communicate, Articulate, Reason Out, or forcefully Argue their Cases before the Nation and the World. Until they do these, the Courts of today will continue to deny Justice to the millions and millions of the Poor, and in fact will refuse to hear them and throw away their briefs and cases, or pretend to have not heard them, or say that they do not understand their pleas logic and reasonings. Please therefore understand Science and Technology, make use of them, master them, and ride over them effectively. The explosions in Communication, the Revolutions in Transfer Sharing Retrieving and using Information through Internet and Space, would surely help the SC&ST Dalits to overcome the constraints of Space Time and Distance they face today. Please therefore come up in Greater Numbers into Science and Technology, particularly Computers and Communication, than run behind visible glamorous and file pushing Govt Jobs.

You should all fully make use of the present Gift of our fellow Scientific and Technical Dalits abroad, who have built this Dalit International Web Site. You should regularly meet and chat over the Net meaningfully and purposefully - just not gossip and kill the time or produce junk mail and data - and creatively contribute data and information, develop Ideas, to usher in the long overdue and urgently required Social Revolution in this Country, to steadily weaken and break the strangle hold of Caste in the Country, over individuals, people, society, administrators, institutions, parties, the Govt and the State. So friends like Baba Saheb had urged us in the past, Wake Up, Act and Move Forward. You must all actively go in search of Truth, and not be carried away by hearsay and others opinions, or misleading statements and subjective views writings, or believe in rumours and deliberately planted diversionary ideas. One should not be casual, browse on the surface, or indulge in one upmanship, avoid semantic ideas and personality clashes. We SC&ST Dalits must vigorously pursue truth, go right down to the roots to find the real facts, and churn them up vigorously to find viable alternatives for overall Development of all the SCs&STs. Please therefore fully make use of the Web Site, and build it up into an useful Bank of Information on Dr Ambedkar, SC&ST Dalits, Problems of Dalits, Dalit Issues and Poverty.

We all Dalits must make the best use of the Web Site for our own advantage, and for the Development of the millions and millions of our Poor Dalit Brothers and Sisters living in the Rural Backward Villages, the Industrial Colonies, and the faceless ghettos in the Urban Peripherals and Slums within.

Now I formally Inaugurate the Dalit International Web Site -

Jai Bheem, Jai Bharat.

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