KDSS has no time for Ambedkar death anniversary!

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Has the Karnataka Dalit Sangarsh Samithi - Mavalli Shankar faction - forgotten Dr Babasahib Ambedkar? It seems so when one goes by the statement of the KDSS Regional Convenor Shivayogi Kallur.

At a press conference here, when he was asked what the KDSS had planned regarding the death anniversary of Dr Ambedkar on December 6, Mr Kallur replied that they had not planned anything as all the KDSS office- bearers would be attending a rally on that day at New Delhi being organised by Bahujan Party Chief Khansi Ram. Thereby, it would not be possible to observe Dr Ambedkars death anniversary here,he added.

DHARNAS: Nevertheless, Mr Kollur stated that protesting against the increasing attacks against Dalits in the State, dharnas would be organised in front of deputy commissioners offices throughout the State. He said, the attacks on Dalits which had increased during the tenure of the previous government, had continued under the present Congress rule too.

Mr Kollur claimed that the Dalits in the State had backed the Congress during the last Assembly elections presuming that the attacks on Dalits would stop. But, the attacks have continued, he added. He said, the probe conducted by the Corps of Detectives (CoD) into the Kambalpalli massacre wherein seven Dalits were killed had done a good job, and had arrested the accused. But, at that time the KDSS had demanded a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and the State Government had also agreed then. But the CBI probe was not ordered which would have thrown more light on the incident, he added.

Regarding the Neelur incident in Afzalpur taluk wherein six Dalits were allegedly attacked by Hindus, Mr Kollur said other than the visit by the Social Welfare Minister Kagodu Thimappa and presenting of cheques worth Rs 6,000 to each of the victims, nothing had been done to rehabilitate the Dalits in Neelur village. He claimed that the Dalits in Neelur village were literally living under social boycott by the Hindus, and said the Dalits were not being provided employment and the Zilla Panchayat was also not providing employement to them as promised by minister.

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