Kanshi Ram vents wrath on party men

24th August 2000
Tribune News Service

JALANDHAR Aug 23 -Annoyed over the performance of his party's Punjab unit, the Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mr Kanshi Ram, repeatedly snubbed senior party office-bearers by calling them 'ruffians' time and again during the BSP's two-day conclave which concluded here today.

Mr Kanshi Ram, who was visibly perturbed over the party's poor performance in Punjab said "Main inhan mushtandian nu kiha hai ki ankh nall jiona sikho. Har vaar eh kehna ke sannu doo jian ne litar ditta galt hai. Eh taan enhan di kamjori hai asin Punjab wich pichhe haan, nahin taan koi vi dalitan nu jihna di abadi 34 per cent hai koi bhi takat agge aun ton nahin rok sakdi." (I have been asking these ruffians to live with a sense of pride. Saying everytime that we have been trampled by others is not right. No power can ignore Dalits, which constitute 34 per cent of the total population of Punjab).

Chiding the BSP's Sunam unit president for not telling him that his constituency was going to the polls soon due to recent death of the Congress MLA Bhagwan Dass Arora, he said, "See, he did not tell me about the forthcoming byelection what can you expect from such a worker? I have been asking such mushtandas to gear up and work for

the party but they have failed to do so. I will have to see how to set them right." He also snubbed his party office bearers for not meeting the target of enrolling three lakh new members. "Their slackness was visible during the entire enrolment exercise," said Mr Kanshi Ram in the presence of a number of senior party functionaries, who had no choice but to listen to their boss.

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