Kanshi warns against statute review

13th Oct. 2000

LUDHIANA, Oct 12 - Bahujan Samaj Party chief Kanshi Ram today charged the BJP led National Democratic Alliance government of trying to subvert the Constitution of the country in the name of reviewing it.

Talking to the Ludhiana Tribune before addressing a party rally, organised here on the eve of the Maharishi Valmiki jayanti, Mr Ram accused the BJP of imposing the "divisive Hindutva" agenda on the nation. However, he claimed, the BSP would not allow it. "We will not let anyone to subvert the Constitution drafted by Dr BR Ambedkar, which gives so many guarantees to untouchables", he warned.

Contrary to the basic purpose of the Constitution review Mr Kanshi Ram has been trying to create apprhensions among the people particularly those belonging to the weaker sections that the motive behind reviewing the constitution was to "snatch all guarantees given to the untouchables by Dr Amedkar". "But we have already preempted their move by already creating mass awareness across the country. They (the government) will not dare to do it now", the BSP leader claimed.

He said, he had launched the awareness campaign from Kanyakumari on March 16 this year. The campaign will conclude on December 6 in New Delhi with a rally. Mr Kanshi Ram claimed, he had spread the message across the country about the "divisive agenda" of the BJP and it had generated a positive response.

Mr Kanshi Ram said he would welcome changes in the constitution provided they were in the interest of the untouchables. He refused to identify the untouchables with the downtrodden. He said, there was clear difference between the two. There were so many people who could be called downtrodden. "But we represent only the untouchables who have continuously been exploited for generations", he disclosed.

The BSP leader ruled out any alliance with any political party in the forthcoming assembly elections to seven states, scheduled for next year. Referring to Uttar Pradesh, he said, the BSP was comfortably placed on its own. He said the party would go on its own and also form the government there.

Mr Kanshi Ram said, after completing the awareness campaign his party would focus attention on Punjab to broadbase the party network. He pointed out, the BSP had already a good network and was recognised as a national party with the Election Commission of India after the BJP and the Congress.

Mr Kanshi Ram participated in the Valmiki Shobha Yatra, which was taken out on the occasion of Valmiki Jayanti. Later addressing a party rally here he said, the BSP was committed towards the uplift of the untouchables.

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