Dear friends,

We are back from our "Mission Caravan", the voyage on wheels which has begun on 26th January, 2000 from Parliament House, New Delhi and culminated on 14th April, 2000 at Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh having covered almost 26000 Kms. In eight North Indian States viz. Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh, Part of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajsthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. With this programme, we want to hit the ill intention of Sangh-Pariwar of replacing the Constitution of India in the guise of reviewing it. The story itself began when the BJP it its’ election manifesto of 1998 election has made abundantly clear that they would "Comprehensively review the Constitution of India, if voted to power." On assuming the chair of Prime Minister, Mr. Atal Behari Bajpayee on 22nd March, 1998 declared at his constituency at Lucknow they are going to form a Commission to review the Constitution of India. Taking note of the statement of the prime Minister, we have called an emergency meeting of BSS and denounced this statement and decided to launch a compaign against it. To this effect a news item was published from our side in "Rashtriya Sahara" on 24th March, 1998. Since then, we have never looked back on this issue. When we found the BJP government adamant of constituting a ‘Commission’ for the purpose, there was no alternative before us but to go to our people to make them aware of the ill intention of our sworn-enemy and we were out on our voyage which we have named it as "Mission Caravan".

During this voyage of ours on wheels, there were ten vehicles which includes tempos, cars apart from a duly decorated mini bus equipped with the instruments of audio publicity. We have also carried with us pamphlets, posters, hand-bills, audio cassettes and wall-writing squads. While on the move, there were organised about 300 corner meetings comprising 100 to 5000 people from SC, ST, SBC, Muslims, Christians etc. This voyage comprises of about 150 to 200 youths who sweated day and night and able to generate a lot of furore and developed very strong opinion against the thieve-mentality of Sangh-Pariwar i.e. BJP, RSS, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, VHP etc.

Along with this issue of Constitution review, we have also taken up other allied issues such as ‘Women’s Reservation Bill, Reservation of the SCs, STs and SBCs (Scheduled Backward Castes), U.P. Religious Buildings and Places Bill, amending of the Gujrat Civil Services Conduct Rules making way to RSS volunteers to join civil services and DBMC (Dalit-Backward, Muslim, Christian) human rights.

Friends, you may be well aware that due to the sincere efforts of we people (BSS), now everybody is crying for and against the intended Constitutional review! It was we people who not only compelled our first citizen to come out openly on this issue but some men in reactionary forces like Congress and BJP have to come out and spoken. We have some media clippings/pamphlets and other material issued from time to time from our Hqrs. in support of our claim.

On three occasions, we have narrowly escaped death. On 13th March, 2000, while approaching Kannauj in UP from Etawah our car skid away and fallen in a deep trench at the speed of about 80Kms. a hour in which three of my colleagues of Mission Caravan was hospitalised and survived. I could not escape injury in the accident as I was driving the vehicle. Secondly while approaching Nainital via Ram Nagar, our main vehicle just escaped a fall while moving on the narrow paths in the rainy-night and finally we have escaped on 1st April at Varanasi a live electric wire has fallen on our mini bus. It was the speed and consciousness of the driver that we have survived! Anyhow, we came out as a winner.

This Mission Caravan of our was just like the horse of Ashwamegha which at no place, the brahminical forces dare not to touch it. The stopping it was a distant drum to them. It proved that Brahmanism at the moment is very weak and meek. At Nathdwara (Rajsthan), Ujjain (MP), Mathura, Haridwar, Ayodhya, Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) we have to pass through the charged atmosphere as our audio publicity was terribly challanging the Brahminical forces. Our slogans like that, " Yeh Desh Bajpaee ke Baap ki jagir nahin hai, samvidhan sameeksha ke bahane Bhartiya Samvidhan ko badalne nahin diya jayega, Kohram macha denge lekin Bhajpa (BJP) aur RSS ke mansube kabhi poore nahin hone denge" (This country is not the ancestral property of Mr. Bajpayee, we shall never allow any mischief to be played with our Constitution) and so many others. We shall make furer in the country but never allow the intention of BJP & RSS fulfilled.

Almost every place, we were accorded rousing welcomes from the dalits, tribal, Backwards, Muslims and Christians and everybody stressed upon the need of a non-political organisation to counter RSS, the mother organisation of Hindu Micro-Minority to save our people from cultural and religious enslavement which tends to take us towards political enslavement. This is through political enslavement, we are bound to be reduced to insects and animals.

The paucity of funds remains a cause of concern for us though out this voyage. This movement has left us in a large deficit of about 6.83lacs. But, we are quite convinced that we can do any miracle and win any battle if we are financially backed up. The people by and large are convinces and willing to co-operate with BSS in its endeavour. The politicians of our own have left them nowhere.

Rest is fine. With humble regards,

Brotherly yours,

C-in-C BSS

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