RSS & Its Vicious Circle

Initially formed on Dussera day in 1925 by one Dr. Kesav Baliram Hedgewar at Nagpur for "Hindu Revivalism". During last 75 years since its inception have only four Sarsanghchalaka namely:-

Mr. K,B. Hedgewar 1925-1940 Brahmin
Mr. M.S. Golwalkar 1940-1973 Brahmin
Mr. Bala Saheb Deoras 1973-1994 Brahmin
Mr. Rajju Bhaiya 1994-1999 Kshatriya Conspicuously removed?
K.S. Sudarshan 1999- Brahmin

The Sarsanghchalak is guide for the corporate Hindu Nation. They are the living God!

Funds collected through Guru-Dakshina by organising Guru-Dakshina festivals? The first Sarsanghchalak or founder of RSS, Mr. K.B. Hedgewar was an extrovert personality and had fought back the cramping effects of an unhappy childhood with measures of success. Not a learned man but ambitious of going places on the strength of his capacity to mobilise young boys. Physical culture and combativeness were his main forte. At the age of 36, he decided upon ploughing a lonely furrow and set up an organisation of his own to which he admits young men generally below the age of 18. However, he shows extraordinary capacity for inspiring them with a religious fervour and reverence about himself and his ideas.

While pursuing his policies, Mr. Hedgewar started recruiting teenage school boys in the 12-15 age groups. Before admitting a boy into the group, he carefully scrutinised his eligibility mainly in term of loyalty and obedience. There are instances of boys who desirous of joining but rejected by him. He was developing a personal group. A militant gang which would not stand duality of allegiance either to persons or the principles. Hedgewar’s boys were prepared to do anything for themselves but they at nobody’s back and tail. Hindu and Rashtriya were synonymous for them. RSS aimed at the revival of Peshwa Rule in India.

The main burden of the whole curriculum was that the Hindus were unorganised, liberal, generous and peaceable because of the Hindu society had suffered at the hands of non Hindus. The only panacea for the ills of Indian Nation- which is the same thing as the Hindu Society-was the binding of Hindus into a militant organization so that others should develop an attitude of awe and respect for it. Patriotism lay in making every sacrifice to instil the fear of god in the mind of non-Hindus (Shudras i.e. Dalits & Backwards) who were bent upon destroying Hindu Society.

The oath taking in a sombre ceremonial function invested the membership of the RSS with a halo of romanticism. After administering the oath, Hedgewar delivered fiery speech about the significance of keeping pledge: "Life itself can be sacrificed but the plighted words cannot be betrayed." The organisation decided against the cumbersome clap-trap of internal democracy and opted for a centralised authority based structure. Hedgewar who had really built the RSS brick by brick should be invested with supreme authority unchallengeable by anybody. It had opted the principle of ‘Fuerer’ followed by the Fascism of Italy and Nazism of Germany.

A day before his death, Mr. Hedgewar called Madhorao Golwalkar and handed over a slip of paper on which was written: Before giving this body finally in the hands of Doctors, I wanted to tell you that hereafter you look after the organisation and shoulder the whole responsibility.


Creating a committed cadre in various sphere will ensure the success of RSS vision for India. That is why they are working at:-

ARMED FORCES:- "Sympathy for Hindutwa is far more widespread amongst senior officers then suspected. One has reason to believe that under the immaculate uniforms a large number of senior servicemen were a saffron vest." Former Chief of naval staff Admiral J.G. Nadkarni. For RSS, the defence services are "natural allies".

PURVA SAINIK SEWA PARISHAD: An RSS wing, it was formed in 1993 to look after the interests of retired service personnel. The organisation has since spread over 12 states. It may out of place to mention that 25 retired generals have joined BJP so far. On March 28, 1998, the BJP government have granted funds to PSSP to the tune of one crore for its various activities.

EDUCATION: Vidya Bharti main body of RSS is liable to impart education in the youngsters.

Akhil Bhartiya Shikhsa Sansthan: was set up in 19978 has 13000 schools, 74000 teachers and 17.5 lakh student (in 1998). To develop the total personality of the child, Vidya Bharti has prescribed a national syllabi of five subjects- Physical education, yoga, music, Sanskrit, moral and spiritual education.

Bhartiya Adhyapak Parishad: An offshoot of Vidya Bharti has trained teachers on the line of Hindutwa.

Samanvit Medhavi Vidyarthy Kalyan Parishad: Established in 1986 with the objective of coaching students appearing for competitive exams like Civil services, NDA, SSB etc.

Bhartiya Itihas Sanklan yojana: was set up in 1973 to re-write Indian History of 5000 years to prove the ‘Aryans’ are indigenous people not the invaders.

Samskar Bharti : established in 1982 with aim of preventing western influence on Indian culture has 900 branches.

Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad: Founded in 1948 was registered in 1949. Its sole objective is to channelize the energy of the students in the task of National reconstruction. Out of 30 Central Universities, it captured 15. It played major role in 1992 demolition of Babri Masjid.

INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES : The RSS has a vast network of sympathisers among bureaucrats, Judges, IB, CBI, RAW and even in Military intelligence? The media persons also play for them and pass intelligence to govt.

FARMERS: Bhartiya Kisan Sangh was set up in late 60s. It has Swadeshi Jagran Manch as its wing.

Scientists: Vigyan Bharti is linked up with M.M. Joshi.

Lawers: Akhil Bhartita Adhivakta Parishad was founded in 1992.

TRIBALS: Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad founded in 1952. It has 1,36,525 tribal villages under its influence.

WOMEN:- Rashtra Sevika Samiti has 500 shakhas in the country.

SOCIAL WORK:- Sewa Bharti founded in 1980 has captured 407 out of 668 slums. Samajik Samrasata Manchs are also there to maintain the relations of a servant with his master.

LABOUR: Bhartiya Majdoor Sangh was formed in 1955 by the then RSS chief himself and in 1996 was declared by the govt. as the largest Trade Union. Membership 45 lakhs. "WE do not believe in class or caste struggle, we believe the malik and majdoor can work together on the basis of Samrasata."

MEDIA:- Indian media, by and large belongs to them!

In 1963, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India RSS volunteers to stage a parade on Republic day parade. In 1996, Pt. P.V. Narsimharao let staged a parade of Purava Sainik Sewa Parishad (PSSP) a RSS outfit.

Can we compete them?

Can we save our people from them?

Can we save our culture from them?

Yes, if you think positively and come out generously, BSS has already arrived in 1995 and marching forward to deal with the menace and evil designs of theirs to pull out our people from cultural enslavement and also from religious enslavement which led us to political slavery where we have no rights of any sort but to succumb to their undue pressure!

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