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Narayan Bareth/Jaipur

In its enthusiasm to give it's image a face lift, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has launched a nation-wide campaign highlighting various new `facts'.

For example, the organisation claims that it was the RSS which `protected' Mahatma Gandhi and Jawharlal Nehru from communal Muslim League elements. The campaign also `revealed' that the revolutionary Rajguru was a Swayansevak and that it was the RSS which had provided him with a hideout after he killed Sanders.

The Sangha also declared that it was not involved in Gandhi's assassination.

The Sangh has prepared booklets on many subjects, which would be distributed at a price of Rs 15. According to a booklet `Hindutva, jeevan drishti aur paddati', the binary digits used in computers, was in prevalence in Hindu books thousands of years ago. Electric power was invented by the Hindus, none others, it said. It has contradicted the claim that Christopher Columbus discovered America. According to the RSS, it was the Hindus who discovered America before Columbus. Vasco De Gama could reach India only with the help of a Hindu.

Who invented the Principal of Gravity? The booklet highlighted that Aryabhatt and Bhaskarcharya were well acquainted with the power of gravity a thousand years before Newton.

The RSS will press its Swayamsevaks into service from November 22, to knock on every door, and place before the people the Sangh's viewpoint on related subjects.

In Jaipur, the RSS has constituted 700 teams for the task, and it would distribute leaflets on all these subjects. This strategy was formulated in Jaipur two months ago, when the Sangh's prachar pramukhs had met here for two days.

According to the booklet the Hindus initiated the world in the science of navigation six thousand years ago! Also, the word navigation had been derived from Sanskrit.

Not only this, irrigation management and dam construction was started first in Saurashtra in Gujrat, the booklet claims. The principle of Pythagoras was invented by Bodhyan, not by Western scholars, the booklet says.

The Sangh has also tried to establish that it was actively involved in India's freedom struggle and that the RSS members actively participated in the Quit India Movement.

However while recreating the RSS did not forget to take a shot at its sworn enemy, the Communists, and said that it was the comrades who had worked for the Britishers and that the Communists helped the Britishers in arresting patriotic freedom fighters. It was the time when Jaiprakash and Aruna Asif Ali took shelter with the Sanghchalak of Delhi, Lala Hansraj Gupt.

Referring to the Partition of India, the Sangh gave equal numbers to the Muslim League and the Communists, saying that these were the people who had enjoyed the Britishers' support.

The book does not spare Jawaharlal Nehru either. It says that it was the Congress's tired and power-hungry leadership which agreed to the country's partition.

Quoting Nehru, it said that he himself had admitted in 1960 that "It is true that we got tired enough and reached an old age, and if we had stood for united India, we would have had to go behind bars".

The Sangh claims that if it had been given a time of ten months, it would have been able to suppress the pro-partition elements.

Interestingly, the RSS projected former president Zakir Hussain as pro-Sangh. It quoted Hussain as saying "The allegation against the RSS, of spreading hatred towards Muslims was wrong and baseless".

Mentioning the merger of Hyderabad into the Indian Union, the Sangh again castigated the Communists, and said that they were hand-in-glove with the Razakars (Pro-Nizam Muslim volunteers), who were busy in looting, while most of the Congress and Hindus were put behind bars. The Sangh said that it had played a big role in the liberation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Goa and Hyderabad.

The Sangh also clarified its stand on untouchability and Women's issue and presented its point of view.

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