'Reservation to SCs must be based on population'

Deccan Herald, 15th August 2000

Former medical education minister G Ramakrishna demanded the Government to provide reservation to the Scheduled Caste on the basis of their population in the State.

Speaking to the press here on Sunday, Mr Ramakrishna who was a minister in the Veerappa Moily government said, in the present SC`s list there were around 110 castes and sub-castes, many of which were added through the years. It had been observed that, according to the present reservation policy, the benefits of reservation were not being received by the respective castes in proportion to their population, he said.

He stated that even though the Madigas constituted 57 per cent by population among the SCs, yet the reservation they could avail was just 2.2 per cent in Government jobs. Population-wise they were entitled to nearly half of the 15 per cent reservation for the SCs, he said. Due to this the Madigas had been deprived of their rights educationally, politically, and employement-wise, he said.

Thereby, Mr Ramakrishna urged the Government to appoint a commission to make a study and prepare the SC list according to their population based on the caste and sub-caste. Stating examples of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and Harayana, he also urged the Government to divide the SCs into A, B, C groups on the lines of Backward Classes groups, so that the benefits of the Government would reach all the castes and sub-castes coming under the SCs. Towards this, the Madigara Meesalathi Horata Rajya Samithi had already submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister S M Krishna, he added.

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