SC judgement on promotion set back for Dalits: Assn

''It is unfortunate for Dalits that the Supreme Court has given a judgement that seniority in service is a criterion for promotion of Dalits`` opined Gopal Atharga, Karnataka Dalit Government and Semi-Government Employees` Association president.

The constitution has granted reservation facilities for Scheduled Caste engineers to encourage service motive by giving them time-to-time promotion according to the reservation policy, he said, in a statement released in this regard.

Reservation facilities in the State for the Scheduled Caste employees should not be given up, appealed the office bearers Ravi Yalladagi, Annappa Wade, Y M Valikar, Gopala Atharga and Nadagiri in a joint statement.

''Dalits have been denied opportunities in all the fields. Inspite of 18 per cent reservation, no government has attempted to fill the complete quota by backlog. How can they secure high posts when they are denied higher and technical education? That is why reservation should be the criterion for promotion,`` they stated.

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