Sudarshan wants Constitution to be scrapped

NAGPUR, March 12 (PTI)

Meanwhile, RSS chief K S Sudarshan has advocated the need to scrap the Constitution which was a ''remake of the British model in 1935`` and suggested its replacement with one based on the ''aspirations of the people.``

''Due to the situation prevailing at the time the Constitution was drafted, Indian ethos and aspirations were not taken into account,`` he said at his maiden press conference here yesterday.

However, the RSS did not expect the Constitution review committee set up by the Vajpayee government to do this job because it was not supposed to alter its basic structure, he said.

The RSS chief, considered as a hardliner within the organisation, said he favoured a fresh look at the Constitution which could be altered to address the needs, problems and socio-economic realities of the nation.

At the time of independence, he said, the persons who framed the Constitution thought it fit to incorporate most portions of the British model of 1935. However, things have changed after the country gained independence and hence there was a need to have a fresh look at the Constitution.

Mr Sudarshan felt that merely reviewing the Constitution would not suffice and added that there was a need to adopt a new Constitution in keeping with people`s aspirations to fulfil their social, economic and political needs.

About his expectations from the BJP and Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, Mr Sudarshan said neither the party nor Mr Vajpayee ''could do whatever RSS desired`` because of the coalition government.

The other coalition partners would not entirely agree with the views of the RSS and hence the National Democratic Alliance had its own limitations, he added.

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