UP Cong contests Governor's claim

, 29th Sept.2000

Calling Governor Suraj Bhan`s clarification on allowing RSS function in Raj Bhavan ''a bundle of liesµ, the UP Congress has urged the President to order an inquiry to bring out the truth.

The Congress spokesman Akhilesh Pratap Singh said that the governor has brought the high office under a cloud by distorting the facts about the RSS function in Raj Bhavan. He said the President should order an inquiry based on which tough action against Mr Suraj Bhan should follow. According to the Congress leader, the head of the state had sought refuge under his ignorance that it was an RSS function and that he had never attended an RSS function during his tenure as Governor.

The release of a RSS mouthpiece in Raj Bhavan had kicked up a controversy with the Opposition unitedly demanding the governor`s dismissal. In his clarification, Mr Suraj Bhan had owned up his association with RSS but claimed that he had never patronised the rightwing outfit nor had he attended any RSS function after assuming the high office. He had even called upon the President to clear his position.

Mr Singh said the governor had been informed by his sources and the media that the periodical to be released by him,'Path Sanket`, was a RSS mouthpiece and its editor was also from RSS. He said many known saffron leaders were present during the release ceremony.''If he says that he has never attended an RSS function, it is a lie. He had attended an RSS meeting on March 24, 2000, which was attended by RSS supremo KC Sudarshan. Also, he has visited RSS headquarters Saraswati Kunj in a dozen programmes," he said, asking:''How can the head of a state attend an RSS function when its employees are prohibited from attending similar functions. Is his lavishing praise on RSS acceptable?"

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