'We are ready to shake hands with Mayawati'

http://www.hindustantimes.com/nonfram/061200/detSTA02.asp HT Correspondent
(Faridabad, Dec 5)

"We would maintain equidistance from both BJP and Congress. We are prepared to make any sacrifice to forge a Third Front of like-minded parties, and bring it to power. We are even prepared to shake hands with BSP leaders Kanshi Ram and Mayawati for this," said Amar Singh, national general secretary of the Samajwadi Party here. He was attending a function of JIVA institute on India's Curriculum of Tomorrow (ICOT), a new framework for education.

Amar Singh opined that the BJP and the Congress were two sides of the same coin, which promoted capitalism. They have no programmes and policies for the weaker sections and the unemployed. Owing to its wrong economic policies, the BJP has caused a disconcerting damage to the cottage industry.

Cities and mega-cities are now flooded with goods manufactured by multinational companies. Therefore, the need of the hour is to oust the BJP Government, and stop Congress from coming to power, he said.

For this, a Third Front is the ideal alternative. The SP, he said, is prepared to make any sacrifice. It is prepared to mend fences with Kansi Ram and Mayawati, and shake hands with them, provided they distance themselves from both BJP and Congress, and cooperate with the Third Front to bring it to power.

Amar Singh agreed that forging a Third Front was an arduous proposition. He suggested that like-minded parties should rise above the internecine rivalries and political squabbles to provide a third alternative to the electorate of the country.

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