Kancha Ilaiah's ideas go global

http://www.deccan.com/city.htm Hyderabad, Aug. 11: Our own Kancha Ilaiah, who receives brickbats as well as bouquets whenever he pens his ideas, has found a place in the galaxy of world-renowned thinkers of the 19th and 20th centuries who have enriched humanity with their innovative ideas.The last chapter from his book, Why I Am Not A Hindu, has been included in a book, Post Colonialism - Critical Concepts In Literary And Cultural Studies that will be published within a month from New York and London.

The anthology, which has articles by stalwarts such as Mahatma Gandhi, Pundit Nehru, Karl Marx, Lenin, Frantz Fanon, H K Bhabha, Edward Said, Samir Amin, Andre Gunder Frank, Chinua Chebe, Ngugi Wa Thiongo and others, has been edited by Diana Brydon.

The publisher of the book is Routledge. The anthology is expected to be a major source for concepts, literature and theoretical models for schools, colleges and other institutions.Ilaiah's chapter, Dalitization, not Hinduization, is in the fourth volume of the five-volume anthology. The writer, who teaches political science at Osmania University, was drawn to the plight of Dalits in the aftermath of Karemchedu tragedy.

Beginning from 1985, he conducted field research for about eight years across the length and breadth of Andhra Pradesh before writing the book that went on to become a bestseller when it was published in 1995.Several editions of the book have been sold since.

He has depicted in the article, how Dalitbahujan have endured suppression at the hands of the upper castes. The writer, who received an advanced copy of the volume on Thursday, distributed it to media persons on Friday. "I am extremely happy and feel proud that my ideas have been accepted for the reading of the global student community," he said.

The academic was also happy that `Dalitization' has emerged as a `global concept' with the inclusion of his article in the anthology. "It is a transformatory and revolutionary concept for the world," he said. Ilaiah believes that there are two classes of people.One, who live `labour as life' and the other, who live `leisure as life.'

The world will be liberated only when the whole humankind is `Dalitized'. Explaining `Dalitization' he said that it is nothing but dignity of labour that should be taught to every student.Every pupil should know how to make shoes and woodwork, how to sow seeds etc. Such labour, he said, should also get social recognition and appropriate economic status.

He appealed to the Central and State government to include `Dalitization' and not `Hindui-zation' in the syllabi for students at `plus two' level to spread awareness about this philosophy that is essential for the improvement of circumstances of underprivileged Indians.

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