One million dalits will embrace Buddhism in Delhi on Nov 4

Durban, September 02, 20:24

About one million dalits will embrace Buddhism in a mass ceremony in Delhi on November 4, Ram Raj, leader of the All Indian Confederation of SC/ST organisations, who is attending the World Conference against Racism here, claimed on Sunday.

More than 300 million dalits, he said, were being denied their human rights in almost all field of life. "India is among those countries which joins the cause of human rights outside India, but when it comes to the cause of human rights within the country it says that is an internal matter."

"Going by the logic of the Indian government, then every genocide and xenophobia happening in any country becomes the internal matter of that country," Ram Raj said. He said the UN should not succumb to any kind of pressure opposing the inclusion of caste-based discrimination.

Ram raj said because of the attitude of the Indian government and the "dehumanisation of our people", more than a million people would embrace Buddhism at Ram Lila ground in Delhi on November 4.(PTI)

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Referred by: Benjamin P Kaila
Published on:3 Sep, 2001
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