ComE Be The Part Of THE CelebrationÖ


By Praful Sakya (January 17, 2008)


COME Mayawatijiís Birthday and there are more eyeballs popping out of eye-cases with awe that poses question, how could she do it! On 15 January, the stage was set for the 52nd birthday celebration of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Supremo and Uttar Pradesh (UP) chief minister Mayawatiji, the popping eyeballs quixotically questioned amongst them. They murmured in private and yelled in the media, was it right; was it not the legitimization of corruption? Why the birthday-bash of Mayawatiji has been attracting more eyeballs and (destructive) criticism at every passing birthday. It is common show that the major parties criticize the birthday celebration but what makes it more remarkable this time the way congress abrasively took the mantle on its shoulder to attack and raised a hue and cry over the birthday celebration of Mayawatiji.


IN order to find the answer of this sudden unappreciable stance of the Congress party we need to stroll down some of the recent turbulent (especially for Congress party) past happening in the political arena of the nation. Along with it we also need to broadly understand the basic soul, idea and motto of the birthday celebration.


DIGVIJAY Singh, general secretary, Congress party and two times Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh in his attack on the way celebration being carried out and through which acceptance of the Gifts from party workers, raised serious concern that it may lead to legitimization of the corruption. Why is that the congress party been targeting Mayawatiji? The reason is bit obvious the recent electoral debacles of Congress party in the assembly election held in two states viz. Himachal Pradesh and Gujrat. The BSP succeed to poach in the traditional vote share of Congress party which costed it more than dozen of seats in both the states. It seems that congress party has not come out of the shock yet. And thatís the reason why it has not been letting off a single chance to criticize Mayawatiji.


As in a bid to expend her base in southerner states Mayawatiji has been addressing number of rallies, the Congress smelling its deep-damaging-impacts on the electoral prospects, in it scathing attack on the BSP Supremo sarcastically asked her to concentrate more on the governance of the socially and politically different, turbulent and sensitive UP. Yes the UP is socially and politically different, turbulent and sensitive state and she understands it more than congress thatís the reason why she clinched the power in UP, where Congress has been successively failing to regain the lost glory. The way BSP trying to Plant their Feet in the States of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujrat, Delhi, MP, Tamil Nadu, etc are sending jitters up the Spines of the Congress.Her full hearted and fully organized assertion in UP had already shaken up the Political Scenario completely in UP.Imagine what will happen if she manages to do the trick in many other parts of the Country.The party that is likely to get more affected is obviously Congress. In the UP election the trump card star Campaigner failed to weave the voter in his magical web instead the full-throttled charisma of Mayawatiji launched them all in the orbit of frustration. The frustration is more seen in Digvijay Singh because he is felling the heat of his post of in-charge of UP affairs. What one would expect from some one who has been successively meeting with failure. There is no point in opposing his criticism as it has no vitality and validity in it as it has been done more on personal safety ( to show to his high command that he is active (sorry but not imaginative)) than political compulsions. He may have forgotten that there is something called constrictive criticism.


The problem with the congress is that it can not go with the BSP for electoral alliance on its own terms, because the BSP has been pushing the congress on back-foot in many states. And the most difficult part is that if congress compromises on its position and forgers any pre-poll alliance with the BSP that directly means the congress has accepted the power of the BSP in other states as well and in a way consenting that it has constantly been losing its traditional vote share of the Underclass. The Congress which is basking on the image of secularism and claims enjoying the support of all the communities of the Indian society, due to which it is bit tough for the congress to accept that its tighter grip on its traditional vote share has been on constant decline. This put the Congress party in quandary, because it neither can forge alliance with BSP nor can avoid its damaging effect. So keep (destructively) criticizing the BSP, but mind well its BSPís virtue that it has always welcomed the constructive criticism.


†††††††††††††† Now lets turn to the Birth-celebration and through which the fund raising of the BSP.

†††††††††††††† ONE should understand the basic difference between the political parties which spread its roots with the help of aspiration and monitory help of the weaker section of the society and other parties that survives on the kickbacks and financial support of the business houses. The BSP falls in the first category. The party workers of the parties like BSP find the occasion of the Birthday celebration to show the gratitude towards the leader and donate as per his/her worth. And through this donation the social as well as partyí work has been carried out.


†††††††††††††† There is no political party that can survive without fund and to raise fund you got to have fund raising mechanism. The parties like Congress and the BJP and some domestic party raise their funds through their contacts of Industrial giants, and there are allegations that they receive kickbacks (There has been unholy association operating in the political and industrial circles). And it seems thereís general understanding (of convenience) that it does not help promote corruption, Digvijay Singh should think over it. The parties like BSP which is emerged through the aspirations and monitory help of the underclass is making in roads in the political territory and the traditional bastion of the Congress is bound to come under the criticism that how could it survive with out their support. If we see the history of the political movement of the Underclass it has been found that the congress and other upper class parties have done the most damage for not allowing to flourish the independent organic thinker those could promote the welfare of the whole underclass community, whereas they always wanted to project themselves as the messiahs of the Underclass. They for infinity wanted to make situation like the underclass feel that they are their only true saviors and without them itís impossible to survive. And when the BSP shatter this illusion and building capacitates all on it own steam its bit certain that the so called secular and Hindutvawadi parties likely to put spoke in the wheel.


†††††††††††††† The principal objection of the parties like congress is not for true concern for corruption but why the BSP is not indulging in the corruption so that they could project it in a negative frame. But the staunch follower of the BSP is not letting this happen by offering the party funds for which the BSP need not have to go in for unholy alliance with any of the industrialists and so that it can carry on its welfare work of all communities without compromising on ideology. If the congress felt that it would legitimize the corruption they have the government in the center they can put all of the donors in income tax scanner but they can not do it as they are very sure that nothing comes to their hand. Its one thing for showing true concerns for the corruption and other to take stringent measures to avoid corruption as it is the action that speaks louder than words. And all Indian knows that where is corruptions and where not.


†††††††††††††† There is appeal to true BSP follower to contribute in whatever way that they can in order strengthen the elephant. Those who can not donate money can donate most valuable thing and that it their Vote. Vote to BSP is Vote to self-respect. This will only ensure the freedom from the clutches of the party like congress. Come be the part of the Celebration. ††

Poor But Hearty Mulayam Singh

†††††††††††††† On the occasion of the Birthday celebration of the Mayawatiji Mulayam along with his party supporters collected RS one each so as to donate it to the BSP. Well Kudos to the efforts of Mulayam. No matter what the size of contribution but itís the hearty felling of contributing is appreciated in the BSP. And its seems after losing the UP chief ministerial seat he can no longer able to cheat the UP people and thatís the reason why he has contributed what he is worth of along with his supporter. And I hope the BSP which believing in welfare of all should accept his contribution with big heart and utilize see to it that they are not get neglected in the welfare measures of the BSP that too along with his party worker because despite the leader of the chief opposition party he showed heart to donate whatever he is worth of. Congratulations on behalf of BSP poor but hearty Mulayam.


†††††††††††††† Achieving what Baba Saheb Dr BR Ambedkar had Foreseen, Dreamt of, Desired, and making them Realities are the big task today. And the BSP as of now a political entity is moving that direction. And as along as it does so the diehard follower of Baba Saheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar will keep strengthening the BSPís elephant.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Jai Buddha, Jai Bhim, Jai Bharat

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Praful Sakya